Internet Find of the Week - November 4, 2013

New Google Apps Launcher

If you visit Google today, you're sure to notice a few changes. The black toolbar that ran across the top of the page has been removed. This is sad news for me. I used that toolbar several times a day. On the black toolbar were quick links to mail, calendar, sites, images . . . I could go on.

The black toolbar has been replaced by the new Google Apps Launcher. That's the fancy name for the icon with nine grey squares. You'll find it in the top right-hand corner. From the launcher, you can access Google mail, Drive, sites, calendar, and much more.

The New Google Apps Launcher

Vitrual Field Trips

I'm a huge fan of virtual field trips. First of all, there are no buses required for a virtual field trip. (insert snicker here) In fact, for a virtual field trip you never even have to leave your classroom. How cool is that?

The Google Connected Classroom web site has all the information you need. Check out the calendar. Today, they are hosting virtual field trips from the Seatle Aquarium and the Minneapolis Zoo. So, we missed those, but there are many more scheduled.

To find upcoming field trips use this link -- Virtual Field Trips. Scroll down and look for the calendar.

On, November 13, 2013 they will host a virtual field trip from the Newseum in Washington, DC. This field trip will focus on the use of media surrounding the Kennedy assassination. For more information, click here.

Any teacher who wants to have a virtual field trip let me know. I'll bring the web camera and the microphone. I'll do all the tech work, you just provide the classroom. I might even bring snacks!

Virtual Field Trips - Google+

Mind Vault: The Memorization Assistant

Want help memorizing text? I've been struggling to memorize 2 Bible verses each month. Now that it's November, I'm up to 21 verses. My brain is struggling. That's where Mind Vault comes to the rescue.

Mind Vault allows you to enter your own text. You can type your text on your iPhone or iPad or copy and paste it. Once the text is entered, you move a slider to create random blanks in your text.

The backstory to this app is that it was created almost completely on a ferry between Seattle and Bainbridge Island. The app develper wanted to learn to make and app and Mind Vault is the his creation. Some people use their down time to create things, I usually just take a nap.

Mind Vault will cost you $2.99, but I found it to be well worth the investment. In fact, if your students need to memorize a sonnet or soliloquy, tell them about Mind Vault.

Mind Vault

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