TOAST Weekly Newsletter

Week of September 15th-September 19th, 2014

First Full Week Complete!

Did last week fly by for anyone else? I have a feeling the year will fly just as quickly for us as we move into the full swing of the 2014-2015 school year. I want to thank everyone for their hard work in making sure the scholars are in a structured routine from day 1. Watching classes practice the PBIS Matrix in the halls, hearing scholars use the same matrix language and hearing feedback from our families on the use of Class Dojo from various grade levels has been exciting. I thank you all for putting forth the extra efforts to make things happen!

PBIS Off and Running: Mrs. La's Scholars Share with Mrs. Pleat

As I noted in the introduction of this weeks newsletter, evidence of PBIS implementation in our 3 core areas is everywhere. I was fortunate to be asked to view a video that Mrs. La's scholars wanted to share with me around respect. Having our scholars take ownership of their actions, both positive and negative, is key. This class is just one example of the ownership that our scholars are taking. They want to make their own video next! Can't wait to see it. The video on respect is below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Respect Rap With Prologue

NWEA Begins This Week! {Fall Reading Assessment} 9/15-9/19/14

The first round of NWEA for Reading begins this week. All computer classes with Mrs. Whipple are cancelled this week as her room is a designated testing location. All Library classes that are considered a prep will have a substitute librarian come and push into your classrooms. The library will be closed for the week as this is our 2nd designated testing location. If your testing time interfere with a scheduled prep for you, don't forget to put it into the binder in the main office.

Please note: Mrs. Whipple, Mrs. Grier and Mr. Reuben are district trained proctors for the NWEA assessment. Each teacher will be with their class during the testing time unless other arrangements have been made with Mrs. Pleat.

Dad's Breakfast at TOAST in Main Gym

Tuesday, Sep. 16th, 7:30-8:30am

Thomas O'Brien Academy of Science & Technology, Albany, NY, United States

Albany, NY

Any gym classes scheduled for this time will be a push in model to support our fathers and families of TOAST for the event. Scholars for grades 4/5/6/ will need to be picked up in the TOAST auditorium for the morning of the 16th. I will ask Tina to assign each grade a section as we did the first day of school. Mr. Brown and Mr. Rueben will assist in monitoring our scholars in the auditorium with Tina and Laurie. Each class will use the stairway on the same side of the elevator and Focus Room so they won't interfere with the path our dad's will be using in and out of TOAST.

If we have the amount of support we had last year, it should be a great event! Any teachers who can assist with setting up table and decorations Monday after school, please let me know..:-) Many hands make light work..:-)

Meet the RtI Team for TOAST

The RtI team at TOAST is working hard with new members, new protocols that support a Tier 3 intervention plan and roles that involve case managers for each grade level. Before coming to a scheduled RtI meeting, your case manager will act as your liaison between you and the team as well as ensure that all the documentation that is needed is correct and ready for review by our RtI facilitator: Mr. Rothenberg (our new School Psychologist).

RtI Team:

Shelette Pleat

Adam Rothenberg

Tina Cascone

Beth Laddin

Katie Chainyk

Michelle Corlew

Candi Simon

Kathy Lotmore

Meg Niro {Aims Web Manager}

TOAST Evacuation Drill {TOAST-to-Hackett}

Friday, Sep. 19th, 8:15am

45 Delaware Ave

Albany, NY

This is a reminder that TOAST will be holding a practice evacuation drill on 9/19/14.

Final plans will be emailed to everyone by tomorrow afternoon. Each grade level will have support staff with them to ensure that everyone gets across to Hackett safely. Office Hughes and Jack Grogan, head of our district security, will be on hand as well to support and guide us. They will also provide some feedback as they know TOAST has not completed one in a while.

Please note: Hackett will be completing an evacuation drill coming to TOAST in the near future. When Mr. Palino has the specific information for me, I will share it out.

Thought I'd Share..:-)

The video link below is one to a song that I play often. It has become one of my new theme songs for the year. The actual video is great, but it is the lyrics that make this song stand true for me. It reminds me of why I chose the career of servitude in education and how I need to ensure that our scholars know that they can do anything, be anyone, and dream big! I hope you enjoy it and have a great week! Please share any inspirational songs that you listen too! I would love to add them to the newsletter. We could build a TOAST playlist of empowerment!
Just Do You by India.Arie