Dates to Remember

  • February 10, 6:00 pm Dr. McCall will be at Flint Lake to lead a discussion and get parent feedback on the following 4 areas: current enrollment trends, past and current attendance zones, parent observations on their own neighborhoods (e.g., lots of toddlers/strollers vs. older owners), and the growth of subdivisions in those zones.

  • Kindergarten Round-up April 9, 2020

Staff Spotlight: Office Personnel

Meet Kathy Kearns and Kristen Ader. These two beautiful ladies greet our students, staff and parents each day with a smile. They are responsible for all of the clerical and financial duties of running the school. They are there to help any member of our staff or student body who needs assistance throughout the day. They have been joined by “MOOSE”, our therapy dog in the front office as he is extending his jurisdiction in the building. The children love to visit Moose and these ladies have allowed him to be more accessible.

Kayla Praschak is our school nurse. Kayla helps your children with any medical needs or illness during the school day. Kayla is tender, loving and caring toward the children and knows that a “Bandaid” can make many problems go away. She is quick to communicate with parents and is a real team player in the office.

These three ladies help to make each school day a little better for your children at Flint. Next time you call in or stop by, please remember to thank them for all they do.


Flint Lake has been labeled "Meets Expectations" by the Federal School Report. The overall points of (70.4 ) equate to a C-. (The highest rating is "Exceeds Expectations".)

Two of the main factors are Math Academic Progress and Chronic Absenteeism. Absenteeism is the issue I’d like to address with you at this time. Our attendance is at about 63% overall. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some information on attendance and ask for your help in improving the attendance here at Flint Lake Elementary. It will take all of us working together to make the gains that we need to make. I know I join you in wanting our students and school to perform at a much higher level.

The measurement for grading attendance is called “MODEL ATTENDANCE”. It refers to students being present 96% of the school days (missing no more than 6 or 7 days for the school year). Research has shown that students who have model attendance are performing at higher rates than their peers. Missing a couple of days a week will cause gaps in the child’s learning and by 3rd grade will manifest itself in the child NOT reading or performing at grade level. If we can improve our attendance it should help us with our math deficits as well, because when students are present they are more fully engaged in their learning.

How can you help?

  • Set a regular bed time and morning routine.

  • Lay out clothes and pack backpacks the night before.

  • Make sure your child is on the bus or comes to school on time.

  • Don’t keep your child home unless they are truly sick. Keep in mind that complaints of headache or stomach ache can be a sign of anxiety and not a reason to stay home.

  • If your child is sick you should call the school prior to 9:00 in the morning to report them off.

  • If your child seems anxious about coming to school, talk with the social worker, teacher or administration.

  • Develop a backup plan for getting your child to school when things come up. (Call on a family member, a neighbor or another parent.)

  • Avoid medical appointments and extended trips if possible when school is in session.

What will we do?

  • Take attendance first thing in the morning and call families of absent students who have not called in.

  • Encourage students to be at school each day.

  • Provide positive and fun incentives for our students who reach attendance goals for weeks, months, etc.

  • Mail letters to parents to inform about attendance as school policy dictates.

  • Deliver consequences when necessary for chronic absenteeism such as detentions and project attend.

When is Sick Too Sick for School?

Send your child to school if-----

  • They have a runny nose or just a little cough no no other symptoms.

  • They haven’t taken any fever reducing medicine for 24 hours and haven’t had a fever during that time.

  • They haven’t thrown up or had any diarrhea for 24 hours.

Keep your child home if ….

  • They have a temperature higher than 100 degrees even after taking medicine.

  • They are throwing up or have diarrhea

  • Their eyes are pink and crusty.

Student Successes

*Kids Making a Difference

Flint Lake Student Council participants are making a difference. They made fleece blankets for Housing Opportunities in Valparaiso. During the last week in October, students at Flint Lake Elementary school participated in a spirit week. Students who chose to participate paid $1 per day to dress up in the fun and exciting themes. The money collected at the end of the week totaled over $800 that the advisors later used to buy fleece and other items from the food pantry list at Housing Opportunities.

In November, the students hand tied the blankets. The group was able to make 31 blankets to hand deliver in December. Each year the Student Council collects money or items to donate to this particular organization and this year’s group of members thought blankets during the winter season was a necessary item for homeless individuals to have.

“We have worked hard to make the blankets. We were excited to drop off the blankets and other supplies and to see who our hard work helps,” said the members of Student Council.

Written by Olivia Pavlinac and Michael Vanni

**Pizza/Limo Rewards

Friday, January 17th was the major saver Pizza/limo party for our top sales students. Students rode in the limo to Shoe’s pizza and were treated to pizza and sodas during lunch. The students all had a great time and the staff chaperones did as well. I heard that some even took the long way back to school.

***Science Bowl

The scientists are back for another round with Mrs. Reeder and Mrs. Ferguson as the coaches for Science Bowl. They are very excited about this year’s competition! The team looks amazing! It has been an exciting season full of cellular biology and DNA extraction! The team will compete in two weeks in an online competition composed of three rounds: individual, experiment, and team.

Here is this year’s Science Bowl Team:

Dallas Wells, Lauren Wallace, Ava Bosman, Maddie Terrell, Issak Houghtaling, Caroline Hedman, Logan McNulty-Brown, Ryan Quackenbush, Katharine Gross, Emmy Allan, Isabella Redmond, Danielle Jones.

Good luck Science Bowl!! ☺

Picture: Katharine Gross and Isaak Houghtaling extracting DNA from a banana.

Big picture

Part Time Employment Opportunity

If you work well on your own and are seeking part-time employment, a job as a custodial substitute might be a good fit for your lifestyle needs. Custodial substitutes frequently work on an as needed basis.

Substitute custodians take on janitorial responsibilities when full-time custodians aren't on duty. These are generally part-time positions. The job objective is to ensure that the facility is tidy, sanitary, presentable and secure for all of the people who frequent the schools. If interested, please apply on Valparaiso Community Schools website.