Until Friday Night

By: Abbi Glines


Until Friday is about a young girl who moves to Lawton to help her cope with the loss of her mother. Maggie stops talking, in fear of her own voice. Along the way she starts to fool around with one of the most popular football players, West Ashby. At first they were just friends grieving together, but eventually end up falling in love. This book is written in first person and it alternates between West and Maggie.
The Field Party - Until Friday Night Teaser

Quotes from the book:

“Boys don’t always make the right decisions. It takes years before they become men and wise up.”

"Pain comes to all of us at one point or another its how we learn to cope with it that determines our future."


I would recommend this book to just about any young teen girl, who likes romance books. This book was definitely a page turner. If you want to see if Maggie will speak again, then this book is for you.