Tustumena Staff Newsletter

March 6, 2013

Minutes (and homework) from this morning's meeting

  • Be prepared to collaborate Friday : Transition meetings (Schedule at bottom)
  • Include Behavior data and strategies for individuals
  • Wax Museum put on May 3rd by 5th grade- Mrs. Painter will have schedule (around 2pm)
  • SBA- April 2-4 with make-ups following week. Science on May 9th
  • Benchmark Testing- May 6- 17
  • John will work with Marina in how to finalize a student/early withdrawal
  • SBA- Staff training (all who give SBA and all para's) Wednesday March 27 (no staff meeting) Meeting will be in John Mills' classroom
  • Be watchful of social issues/ cyberbullying. Report it, and consequence it if it comes to your classroom at all.


Be prepared to come to collaboration time on Friday with answers to these questions:

  • What was the best question you asked on Wednesday or Thursday?
  • What made it the best?
  • What was the students responses?

Big picture question:

What events, Global, National, State, Local, do you see that we should be preparing to adapt to this coming year? Three years?


Yearbook pictures to Doug/Michele by March 29.

Thank you to all who helped with Cross Country skiing.

Additional- Link to newspaper article about Forensics


link from last week:

Tammy Worcester (who recently married math book author Greg Tang, who was there also). Her website www.tammyworcester.com is loaded with great tech info. If you click on the training handout tab, you will have access to all of the presentaion information. It is definitely worth sharing with your staff and exploring!

Collaboration time Friday

Agenda for Friday- update

8:00- Mingle

8:30- Whole Group

Question HW

9:00- Transition sheets for each student (using data to collaborate)

10:00 Grade band - Meeting A

11:00- Grade band - Meeting B

12:00 - Potluck

1:00- 4:00- Data recording for communication to stake holders

4:00 Spring Break Begins

Meeting A Schedule

Pre K- K




Meeting B Schedule




6-Pre-K (just kidding, these guys should have to cook lunch)