Software Type 1-3

Definition of a Software
The programs and other operating information used by a computer
Microsoft Word.)

Word is usually used for text documents and can also be used to be just a page that has a pictures( word processing).
Microsoft PowerPoint.)

Used for showing slide shows and to make presentations look great, it is the polar opposite of MS Word. (presentation)
Microsoft Publisher.)

This software is usually used to make a variety of things going from a brochure to a Post-card, this is great because it can broaden the limitation of layouts.

Software Type 4-6

Microsoft Excel.)
This is mainly used for numerical analysis and can also be used to find patterns and sequences,

Microsoft Access.)
This is used to create and save a lot of your database and can also be easily used to store your data and also for your business (overall just a database).
Adobe Fireworks.)
Fireworks is a web-editing program. It allows you to create web pages with more dynamic content than normal scripting.

Software Types 7-8

Adobe Flash.)
Used to creating animations and effects on flash.
Internet Explorer.)
This is used for accessing the web meaning that it can access a lot of information.