Why should we save our water?

By: Rachel, Roy, Brynlee

Rachel Park

Rachel Park, the editor and writer of this project, became an expert on the topic of water distribution. She got many ideas from her group members on how to decorate the project and received many facts on what they learned. She added all the possible facts onto the project, too.

Brynlee Chieu-Chin

Brynlee was one of the biggest helps on this project. She took a step forward and even PRINTED her project out! She gave many ideas to the writer, Rachel Park, which she later put into the project. After her research, she became an expert on the topic of Water Conservation Practices. You will learn all about it, soon!

Roy Hwang

Roy was also one of the people who helped Rachel a lot. He realized that he should do a lot of research on his project, which brought him to get all his information. The topic he worked so~ hard on was on water usage. And the following information you get on this topic will ALL come from his hard work of researching!

Intro and Concerns of Water Usage

Water Usage in California is becoming out of hand on our enviroment. In addtion, fresh water, which gets distributed, is found by lakes, rivers, and glaciers. Also, we need to conserve our water by practicing to use it wisely. Therefore, we need to use our precious water wisely.

Water Conservation Practices

Wate Conservation Practices

This topic was researched by Brynlee.

1. We can use plants that are drought free for the enviroment. For example, the plant can be a cactus.

2. We can also help the enviroment by buying low-flow shower heads to prevent using as much water as you normally wou. The shower head infuses water with air.

3. We can do laundry in only full loads.

4. We can also help by avoiding watering plants when it's windy.

5. Finally, we can use a broom instead of a hose when cleaning driveway or sidewalk.

Water Usage

This topic was researched by Roy.

1. The average Amerian person uses is 61 gallons per day.

2. They use toilet which can use up to 27%

3. They can use the clotheswasher, whch can use 22% of the water.

4. The shower water can use 17%.

5. The faucet can use 16% of the water/ gallons.

6. the leaks can use 14% of the wter.

7. Lastly, the ons I didn't list canuse up to 5%.

Water Conservation

This topic was researched by Rachel.

1. Theusable water, or fresh water comes from rivers, lakes, and glaciers.

2. Only 3% of the water is fresh water.

3. The water is distributed, especially fresh water, even if there is only 3% of it.

4. Of the freshwaters, 69% is frozen in glaciers, which makes the earth have SO little fresh water that we can actually see not frozen.

5. Less than 1% of the freshwaters are located in rivers, lakes, and swamps.

6. 30% of the 3% of the fresh water is located UNDERGROUND!!! It makes it basically impossible to get a lot of freshwater.

7. The "salt" water takes up 97% of all water.