What's Up?

#2 Keeping You Close to AIESEC

Announcing the advisors for AIESEC in UKM!

Let's welcome our advisors, Puan Yazlina and Dr. Norngainy! It is our utmost honour to have them as our support and this will surely grow AIESEC UKM to a higher level.

Senior Executives, you are officially elected!

It's been a long wait. Yes but amazing journey and learning are waiting ahead of you. Congratulations everyone and let's strive for term 2015/2016 together!

Incoming Global Talent Programme

Here is some updates on our interns for incoming Global Talent Programme (iGTP). For your information, iGTP is a 6 months professional internship in Malaysia. Bet you have seen one of them ;)
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Appreciating Summer Warriors

Did you know that AIESECers have been staying back or purposely came back to UKM for at least 2 weeks for the Summer Exchange Participants? Let's give a space here to appreciate for their blood and sweat during the 6 weeks of Summer Workforce.

Lots of love to:

  • Chong Meng Teck
  • Maneesha
  • Swathy
  • Clarrie Lee
  • Aliffia
  • Vinodh
  • Linghesh
  • Ang Wei Jie
  • Bryan Loh
  • Teoh Min Wei
  • Katie Bong
  • Muhammad Anas
  • Alexander
  • Ricky Kong
  • Gee Shiuh Chau
  • Navin Ravi
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What's next? Semester gonna start. Oh, no!

Mark your dates!

4-6 Sept: National Executive Board Meeting (NEB 2.0) : *For LCPs only*

8 Sept : EBMT & SE Meeting, MarComm Day.

9-20 Sept: Member Recruitment Drive : *All are involved*

30 Sept*TBC* : Local Induction Day (LID)

9-11 Oct: Regional Induction Conference (RIC) - Replacing LLDS

Finally, don't forget these...

AIESEC in UKM Facebook fanpage

Keep following and share posts from our page :) Let the whole UKM know who we are!

UKM Community Group with AIESEC

Soon this will be the platform for new intakes. Make this group as one of your favourite <3

Our 1516 Fly Group

Make this as favourite group too! Our internal channel for important announcements and chit chats.

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. Continue growing with AIESEC ;)