¡Bienvenidos a Español 2!

Spring 2016

Welcome back!

¡Feliz lunes y Bienvenidos a Español 2!

Most of you are continuing on to Spanish 2, but we may have a few new faces in our class, so BIENVENIDOS! (Welcome!)

Spanish 2 is simply a continuation and a step up from Spanish 1. There will be some repetition of material from Spanish 1 as well as new material.

​New students -- PLEASE look to your left <<<<<<<<<<<<< and read through all of the Course Information tabs. This should help you as you get started in your new online course :-)

(It wouldn't hurt some of the rest of you to do the same :-)

(Photo: Creative Commons by Brenden, flickr.com)


A quick shout out to:




These ladies went to the State Championship in Indoor Track!!!

Woo Hooo, ladies! Proud of you!!

New Stuff...

Some of the changes you will see are:

1. Grade Distribution:

  • Classwork will count 65% of your grade
  • Assessments/Projects will count 35%

Each Unit includes a 1)Test and 2) Project (these are assessments and will count more than last semester.) So no skipping the projects !

2. Working Ahead:

  • Units will be published as we go.
  • Work on Units/Concepts IN ORDER....to assure that you are learning important material before racing forward.
  • You may still work at your own pace, but no jumping through assignments from Unit 1 to Unit 7 and back again without being fully prepared.

This course will be more challenging. The material is more advanced and the assignments are more rigorous. YOU CAN DO IT!!


Throughout the course, you will be introduced to cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world. Below is a video of a type of Flamenco Dance (a traditional dance of Southern Spain) called Sevillanas. In the city of Sevilla in the South of Spain, this dance is learned by almost every young lady and many young men. It is the traditional dance of the Feria de Abril (the April Fair). Watch and listen...
Flamenco Dance - Sevillanas