Mrs. Palmer's News

See our class!!

This week I learned about a really neat app that I can use to bring you into our classroom! Each week, my goal is to take pictures, and turn them into a video tour for you to see what has been going on. Click the link below to take you to our first tour!

Native American Shelter Projects

Last week, students were given the requirements and rubric for our Native American project. These projects and essays are due Monday, November 4th. If your child has not shown you this information or they have lost it, you can find the info on our web site under the Social Studies tab.

DARE Essays

Students were assigned a DARE essay by Officer Adam yesterday. He discussed the requirements with them, and they were given class time to start it. They should be using their DARE books to help them write the essay. These essays are due Wednesday, November 13th. If a student does not complete an essay, they will NOT be allowed to graduate from DARE, nor will they be given a shirt or allowed to come to the party.

No School

Remember, there is no school on Tuesday, November 5th.