Morgan Munchies

4th Grade Mrs. Miller

This week at Morgan

Bookmobile will return on Wednesday. Please make sure your student returns their books so they can check out new ones. They may bring them in early and do not need to wait for the day the bookmobile is scheduled.

This is book fair week. We shop on Friday, our media day. The book fair will also be open during conferences on Thursday night.

Conferences are Tuesday and Thursday nights. Both nights are booked fairly solid. Please be on time and I will promise to do my best to get you in and out in 15 minutes. Also, I encourage the students to come to conferences. They need to be present as we discuss their strengths and the goals we have for them for the remainder of the year. Please bring any questions you have. I can't wait to see everyone this week!


Students learned the procedure for multiplying 2 digit by 2 digit numbers-the standard algorithm way. Since this is the way many parents are familiar with you can help by keeping an eye on your student as they work through problems. You also could have them walk you through a problem or do a problem (incorrectly) and have them find your error. I am pleased with the students' perseverance through this new type of problem. Keep up the great work!

ELA News

Students are currently exploring how to write persuasive essays. We are gathering ideas that we have opinions on and are working with partners to develop our thinking. Students are enjoying the prewriting we have done thus far because their initial piece was about a close family member or friend. (and most wrote about a sibling!) We had a great sharing session after this lesson.

In reading we are still working in small groups reading fiction stories. This quarter we focus on folktales most of the time and revisit ideas from first quarter like character traits, setting, etc. We are also searching for figurative language in our own personal reading. As a group we are reading Mr. Popper's Penguins and will be doing a compare/contrast activity when we finish the book.

November 25 is the 1/2 way point of the quarter and therefore the day in which students need to have 6.5 AR points. We went over individual goals for November this week. Many students are not challenging themselves with their reading level and therefore not making their goal of pushing up their average level. Just like when you work out, if you want to gain muscle you must push yourself. Lifting pencils to build biceps isn't going to work out the way you'd like it to. Students can not read in the lower half of their range and grow their "brain muscles". I will monitor student levels this month and step in only if I see they aren't pushing themselves more. Please encourage them at home to read things that challenge their thinking. If you have a question about this matter, I will do my best to answer it at conferences.

Reading logs

Want NOT to have to do reading logs? When students earn 13 points for the 2nd quarter, have read and passed (at least 7/10) 3 non-fiction books and have at least 6 non-fiction entries in their reading logs they earn the privilege of not having to do the nightly reading log. There is one catch…this privilege only can happen after the midway of the quarter. It is important all students work on reading responses and the reading log is one way we do that. Keep in mind students still need to read each night whether they must complete the log or not.

A day in the life

How busy is your day? Ever wonder how busy your child's day is? I can guarantee that they are not hanging out at the water cooler discussing last night's tv shows! (Not that you are either.) We go from one activity to the next and barely get a moment to eat at lunch. Today's rigorous curriculum consumes us and the students work amazingly hard throughout the day. So what am I trying to say? Simply, give your child a big hug and let them know how proud you are of all they do! I am not joking when I say they put forth a huge effort each day. I am impressed by their endurance and enjoy working with such a great group!

Happy November! (where is the year going already?)