An overview of recent Revival Arts Collective activity



The Revival Arts Collective (RAC) was established in 2011 and is a network of citizen activists committed to using arts and culture as a catalyst for community redevelopment in the city of Chicago. RAC has partnered with Preservation of Affordable Housing, Woodlawn Park Tenants Association, William Hill Gallery, Site Design, Inc. and Woodlawn area residents to work collaboratively on several initiatives that it hopes will successfully enable further positive redevelopment of the Woodlawn neighborhood. See more about these initiative below.


Over the course of the winter, RAC planned and held several workshops open to local residents and our partners. These meetings were designed to give stakeholders chances to work alongside us to design various park elements, plan the work of the future Woodlawn Residents Arts Council, determine soft-launch programming during the summer to take place at Voices Park, and work on details to plan a successful, inaugural SOL Street Festival taking place in September.
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Parklet Pop-Up: Voices Park

Voices Park is a prototype park that will be situated in the currently vacant lot on the northeast corner of 62nd and Cottage Grove in Chicago, Illinois. This park represents an opportunity for the community - ravaged by violence and divestment - to give voice to its primary stakeholders, its families. Violence in communities across Chicago has created a collective injury to those who reside in these areas causing a drastic and negative change in how people within the neighborhood connect with each other. Voices Park will provide a venue that affords residents a meditative space for gathering and a public forum for creative, artistic, and organizational expression.

We're excited to be able to feature the work of locally and nationally known visual artists, Hank Willis Thomas and Garland Taylor whose work will be featured as part of the memorialization of those lost to violence in Chicago.

Woodlawn Residents Arts Council

In an effort to secure the longevity and community involvement in all future planning of arts initiatives in Voices Park and build on the vision set forth in the Woodlawn Quality of Life plan, the WRAC will convene in June to formalize its structure. Our initial creative placemaking workshops were great catalysts to drum up interest from those most intimately familiar with the history and needs of the Woodlawn community.

Woodlawn Residents Arts Council - PLANNING MEETING

Wednesday, July 1st, 5:30-8pm

6442 S Dorchester Ave

Chicago, IL

Take the next step with us as we continue formalizing the Woodlawn Residents Arts Council. There's work to be done! We will gather once again at the beautiful William Hill Gallery.

SOL Street Festival

RAC and its partners are quite excited to bring the community together in the production of the inaugural SOL Street Festival. Hoping to attract upwards of 500 residents from the area, the one day festival follwed by an evening park dedication event will feature works that highlight legendary Woodlawn residents: Sam Greenlee, Oscar Brown, Jr., and Lorraine Hansberry. We're looking forward to celebrating, reflecting, and activating the resilient spirit and culture of Woodlawn's Black Arts community.

Join us at 62nd and Cottage Grove, Chicago, IL. on the evening of September 11, 2015 for the park dedication program and September 12, 2015 for a day of concerts, talks, performance, and arts activities.