Environmental Problem

Using The 3 R's At Home


The environmental problem we are facing in the world, is the people are making it filthier. We need people to reduce, reuse, and recycle in their everyday lives. This problem is affecting the world in many ways.

  • Landfills are dangerous to the world around us

Landfills are dangerous to humans and animals in many ways. When gases escape from the landfills they carry toxins which can be very dangerous to us people. These gases can cause cancer and many other illnesses. Also, these landfills are a big component in our worlds climate change. As you can see if we recycle more we can keep more items out of landfills.



  • We can make the world healthier by recycling more
There is only a 34% recycling rate in the U.S. This is terrible! We can improve this people just by recycling one more can than you do a day. If you recycle 1 aluminum can a day it can power your TV for three hours.




  • We need more people in the world to try and reduce
If we can reduce waste we produce, we can keep items out of landfills. Last year 250 million tons of trash was produced by America. We can cut this down by reducing things that produce trash.



  • We need more people to reuse
Every year people use items. Most of these items end up in landfills after one use. We cut this down by reusing them. When shopping use reusable grocery bags. Already 39% of people own and reuse these bags. This is a great start but we can do better. A great thing to reuse is plastic bags. They are 100% recyclable. All people can contribute by doing this.



We can do this

The world can work together to improve the recycling rate. All we need you to do is use the 3 R's as much as possible at home. We can get more recycle items remade and keep them from going in landfills and causing harmful gases. Come on people one step at a time!