The GIVER Essay

By Kobe Anderson


In the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry, Jonas wanted and knew things could be different, but the community leaders thought that things are better without more. So Jonas sets out to change things, let there be more, then he successfully lets the people of the community see more and have knowledge of the world and the past.

There is more?

From the beginning they knew Jonas was special, that's why he was chosen to be the receiver. He was curious, brave, and very bright from the beginning. He always thought there was more, that there was a piece missing. He saw flashes of it, color. He first saw it in the apple and in Fiona's hair, then when he became the receiver he learned what it was that was the missing piece.

As he always had he wondered, and tried to find out more about what he had learned. He stopped taking his pills and he began to see it more and more and more until he saw the whole color spectrum. He was amazed at the novelty of color. And he wanted everyone to experience it, and he tried to let Fiona see it but, he failed. This is one of the few reasons why Jonas made the decision to set out to let everyone learn about what else there is in the world.

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The apple represents what more there is. It represent what else is out there and the knowledge that they are unaware of. Just like in the story of Adam & Eve the apple is forbidden, as in the rules that they are not aloud to take the apple from the recreational area, Jonas takes it home out of curiosity. The apple represents knowledge just like the Adam and Eve story.


In the movie there are many noticeable differences but one in particular sticks out to me the most and has an noticeable affect too. Its the fact that in the movie there is nothing else, but in the book they mention other community they have traveled to interact with others their age. I feel this makes them seem much more isolated and lonely than they do in the book. That there is a possibility for even more knowledge.