Peer Pressure

By Carolyn Potral

What is peer pressure?

Peer pressure is the influence someone from your peer group has on you. The way that you react to the pressure, determines your self worth.

Where does peer pressure come from?

Peer pressure comes from kids who want to fit in. They try to do what everybody else is doing, and try to suck other kids down with them. "peer pressurers" use phrases like "come on, everybody else is doing it!" and "Just do it, don't be a *&!@&."

What is a peer?

A peer is someone in your generation, that you socialize with. The people you hang out with can influence the decisions that you make. By hanging out with people who make good choices, you may be influenced to make good choices too.

Three types of peer pressure

Direct Negative Peer Pressure~ When someone clearly tries to influence you to do something wrong.

Indirect, Unspoken Peer Pressure~when someone implies that you should do something wrong, and when you see what every body else is doing, and you try to do it too.

Positive Peer Pressure- When your peers make good decisions, and encourage you to make good choices too.

Influences of good peer pressure and rewards

The people who make good decisions, are the people you should hang out with. Positive "peer pressurers" can influence you to make good decisions such as doing your homework instead of going to a party. Encouraging you to drink water instead of soda, and helping you make good career choices.

Influences of bad peer pressure and consequences

The people who make bad and unhealthy decisions, are the people that you should not hand out with. Negative "peer pressurers" can influence you to make bad decisions. By listening to the negative peer pressure, you could end up in a bad position. Like, not going to college, becoming a stripper, doing drugs, smoking etc.

What actions can you take when facing peer pressure?

When facing peer pressure, you can remove yourself from the problem, leave the conversation, say no or get new friends. Don't lose sight of who you are.