SMORE Newsletter

How to make a SMORE online newsletter

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  1. · Go to
  2. · Sign up for a free account. You just need to provide them with an email address. You can use your UGA email. You can get 5 free newsletters. I just keep remaking my same 5 newsletters over and over again. The only downside to this is that you may want to remake one that included information you want to refer back to… luckily, emailing the newsletter to yourself and saving that allows you to archive a copy.
  3. · Click “start a new flyer.”
  4. · Choose a template. I use the “News Bulletin” template.
  5. · Pick a design theme.
  6. · Pick a background.
  7. · Content: I usually start with a picture or meme and then I add various content blocks. I will intersperse topical or funny images in-between blocks on content.

Examples of Content Resources

UGA resources:


Career Center Events


Free classes via Ramsey

Lecture Series (History at Work, Institute of Women’s Studies)

Franklin College Scholarship Information

My Favorite Day Information: Paws and Relax

Check UGA’s Master Calendar for ideas

Special Library events

Departmental Information:

New course Offerings

Study Abroad Opportunities (especially ROML programs)

Volunteer Opportunities

Language Table Meetings


Club Events

Departmental Graduation Information

Advising Information:

Important Dates and Deadlines (Drop/Add, Withdrawal, Registration, etc.)

New Policies and Procedures (New Audit procedure)

Other: A paragraph or two from an article on the liberal arts, study tips, methods for relaxation, how to write a professional email, etc.


8. When you are finished editing… click “finished editing” and then “publish changes.”

9. You can then share your newsletter (via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). I usually email it to myself, so I can see how the final version will look in an email. Make sure to unblock the photos.

10. Then I forward my email (changing the email subject line to reflect the highlights of what is included) to my advisees. I send out a newsletter about every week or so… and I date them so I can remember which one I sent when.

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