The FMSS Library Learning Commons

10th Anniversary Edition - Sept 2013

Your FMSS Library Staff

Booking Procedures

Book the teacher-librarian through one of these three options:

  1. Collaboration: plan a research unit with the TL & reserve any time during the semester
  2. Mini-lesson on a specific research skill: recommend up to two weeks in advance with assignment or lesson plan
  3. Only Need to Use the Space? Three days in advance

  • Absent? Please do not have a supply teacher bring your class to the library

Sending Students to the Library

When sending a student to the library, we need to know that you have given that student explicit permission:

  • A dated note with the student's name and purpose in the library helps us to help the student fulfill his or her task.
  • Some teachers prefer to make a phone call with the same information, so he or she can immediately find out if we are able to accommodate and assist the student at that time.

Transformation Labs & the Learning Commons

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