Connecting Our Learning Coaches


Our Mission

To create a safe, caring, collaborative and supportive community of Learning Coaches.

Our Vision

To provide effective ways for Learning Coaches to communicate with each other.

Learning Coach Community in the K12 App

LCs can engage within discussion boards and private messages, as well as have access to many resources which will enhance the support of their student(s).

Your Choice

We love to hear the stories of how you engage with your Teachers and CFAs!

We hope this connection with other LCs will help you continue to feel at home at our schools.

This opportunity is not required, but participating is sure to bring deeper value to your Learning Coach experience.

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Welcome to the Learning Coach Community
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Did You KNow?

Stride has a Spanish version of the website:

Stride has a Spanish version of the Parent Portal:

Hola! Bienvenidos a nuestra escuela!

Mi nombre es Sonia Gaytan, Asesor Familiar Comunitario

Si necesitas ayuda en espa├▒ol puedo ayudarte.

Puede enviarme un correo electr├│nico a (ISOK) o (OVCA)

Puede enviarme un mensaje de texto a 405 345 6018

Puedes llamarme a 405 259 9478 ext. 3150

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