Connecting Our Learning Coaches

ISOK & OVCA School Year 2020-2021

Our Mission

To create a safe, caring, collaborative and supportive community of Learning Coaches.

Our Vision

To provide effective ways for Learning Coaches to communicate with each other.

1. Learning Coach Directory:
LCs can use this simple directory to find contact information of other participating LCs, regardless of access to social media and/ or a smart device.

2. Learning Coach Community in the K12 App:
LCs can engage within discussion boards and private messages, as well as have access to many resources which will enhance the support of their student(s).

Your Choice

We love to hear the stories of how you engage with your Teachers and CFAs!

We hope these two new opportunities to connect with other LCs will help you continue to feel at home at our schools.

These opportunities are not required, but participating is sure to bring deeper value to your Learning Coach experience.


1. Learning Coach Directory

Is this opportunity right for you?

Do you want a simple way to find a phone number or email for another LC?

Do you find yourself wishing you had a phone book which listed the other families at your school?

Do you avoid social media such as Facebook and Twitter?

Do you have limited access to smart phones or devices which would allow you to engage in the K12 app?

Did you say YES? The LC Directory is for you!

What's next?

  1. Sign up at the button below.
  2. Completing the survey gives permission for us to include you in the directory, and for you to access the directory.
  3. Save the link at the end of the survey! The link will give you access to the directory, which is in a simple format in an excel document.
  4. Check back as needed! We will update the directory once a week to ensure it stays current.
Click Here to Opt-In to the LC Directory!

Connect with others for friendship, support, & socialization! By completing this form, you give the school permission to share your information with other participating families.


2. Learning Coach Community in the K12 App

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Welcome to the Learning Coach Community
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