William Penn

By: Emily Nelson


Do you know William Penn? Probably not he was a famous man for a lot of things. If you don't know any thing about William Penn then look here because you are about to learn some fun facts about William Penn. Here is some history about the greatest state on the world Pennsylvania! William Penn was a Quaker. Do you know what a Quaker is? William Penn was a man who wanted the right to belief what he wanted to belief that's how he became a famous person.

William Penn fun Facts

Did you know William Penn had 12 kids if you didn't know then look here for William Penn fun facts! William Penn was born October 14th, 1644 in London. William's parents are Margaret Jasper and William Penn. William meet his first wife Gulielma Springett at King's Farm Charley Wood. William had a second wife Hannah Collowhill Penn. William and Hannah met because Hannah's dad, Thomas Callowhill was a prosperous Quaker. William had 12 kids. Six boys and six girls. William died July 30,1778 Berkshire, United Kingdom. William had a stroke. Those are some fun facts about William Penn!

Pennsylavania's History

Did you know Pennsylvania was called ''Penn's Woods'' back then. There is a lot of history about Pennsylvania. Here are some facts! Penn persuaded King Charles II of England to go to AMERICA to start a new colony. In 1682 Penn came to America he was looking for a place for a city.He was laying out a new city out a city on the Delaware River. He called it PHILADELPHIA ! Philadelphia means " City of Brotherly Love." Penn called the colony " PENN'S WOOD.'' The land was named after William's father. Penn wanted piece in '' Penn's Wood'' so he thought every one should be free. A lot of Quakers and people moved to ''Penn's Woods'' and stayed there forever. After a long time ''Penn's Wood'' became Pennsylvania! Those are my nine facts about Pennsylvania's history!

What Is A Quaker

A Quaker is like a christen. Not much people know what a Quaker is now. But know in the 1600's every one knew what a Quaker was. Quakerism developed in England around 1654. William was a Quaker. He became a Quaker when he was 22. A Quaker is some one who didn't like violence. A Quaker wanted the right to belief without any violence. William's father was heart broken that his son became a Quaker. There was famous people that was a Quaker, such as George Fox, Betsy Ross, Joseph Pease, Richard Nixon, Herbert Hover, and William Penn. So a Quaker is like a christen now you know what a Quaker is!


In conclusion William did a lot of things in his life besides being famous. There is a lot of facts about William Penn but do you know facts about his family? Pennsylvania is an awesome state, but do you know the history of Pennsylvania. A lot of people don't care what a Quaker is. If you are a christen you are practically a Quaker! William Penn was a good man, he did a bunch of things in his life to make my life better now, then ever!


  1. America- A continent that was named after Amerigo Vespucci.
  2. ''Penn's Wood- Was called ''Penn's Wood'' before Pennsylvania was called Pennsylvania.
  3. Philadelphia- A famous city in Pennsylvania.


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