Using Google Drive

for Math and Sci

Collecting Data Using Google Sheets

After collecting data, students can create graphs. Highlight the data, then click Insert - Chart to begin customizing the graph.

Practice this by clicking on the link . This is a data collection sheet used by a 5th grade class. When you see the Sheet, choose File- Make a copy. This will allow you to follow along as I show options on charts.

Need help? Here's a video to remind you what to do. Want to go deeper? Here's a Doc from Google to help.

Collecting Data Using Google Forms

Please click this link to complete the survey. After collecting data in a survey, you can look at it a few ways. When you are in the form, you can click on Responses, or you can click on the green icon "Create Spreadsheet." Once you are in the Sheet, you now can make a chart using the same options from above.
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Creating Math Expressions Using "g(Math)" Add On

Add Ons add functionality to your Docs, Sheets, and Forms. g(Math) allows the user to create math expressions with ease- even allowing speech and handwriting. Practice this by clicking here- then File- Make a copy. Need help? Click here for videos, help docs, and speech shortcuts.

Creating Rubrics Using "OrangeSlice" Add On

Grading projects can be labor intensive, but with this Add On for Google Docs, you will definitely streamline your scoring process!

Here is an example of a scored rubric.

These work great in Google Classroom, too!

Click here so we can practice using OrangeSlice. Click File, Make a copy to get started. Need help with using a rubric you already made? Click here for help.

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