Building a culture of collaboration.

Enter to Learn. Leave to Achieve.

Three Cs the Woodlawn Way... Community, Camaraderie, Compassion. Let's reignite and recharge ourselves and our students, as we embark upon this new semester. Who are we? We are WARRIORS! We are fearless, strong, brave, courageous and skilled professionals that have been assigned to the best school in Baltimore County. What is our assignment? As skilled educators, we are responsible for planting positive seeds into the fertile minds of our young warriors.

Each and every one of you adds value to the daily routine of WHS. We can't move our students forward without YOU. YOU make the difference. YOU may be the only person to reach a student and lead them to realize that they too have been planted at WHS to be cultivated into a globally competitive scholar who ultimately makes a difference that will positively impact others.

Keeping Students Engaged with Anchor Activities

Please read this document that provides some great activities that will create an atmosphere and dynamic for small group instruction.


This Wednesday, in room 210, we will continue to work on implementing data driven small group instruction. We will also continue the conversation around data collection for SLOs.