Shit Day

Celebrate ass waste on Shit Day!

Shit day

Have you ever wanted to celebrate about the waste that comes out of your ass? Now you can!

Only on Shit Day can you find food so good, it tastes just like shit! Also, to celebrate our tenth Shit Day so far, you can enter our community pool filled with the finest shit for free!

Sunday, May 4th, 12:45-3:15pm

127 Wipe Lane, Cheeselandia, USA

You don't want to ruin your clean clothes, so decide carefully what to wear. I personally suggest wearing a wedding dress that was used in a marriage with your now ex-husband.


1:30 - Take a shit

2:00 - Take a shit

2:30 - Take a shit

3:00 - Take a shit

After-Party Services

When the party's all over, clean up the "mess" as fast as possible with our exclusive after-party services. Only on Shit Day do you get a 25% discount on all purchases!
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