God of Sky and Ruler of Gods

God of Sky

Zeus was God of the sky and supreme ruler of all the gods, even the gods and goddesses who were not his biological children address him as father. His brother Poseidon is god of the seas, and Hades is god of the underworld. Zeus is the leader of the twelve Olympians. Zeus' lightning bolt is the most powerful weapon in the world.

Birth and Childhood

Zeus is the son Cronos and Rhea. Cronos swallowed all of his children at birth except Zeus. Zeus's mother took him away to a cave before Cronos could swallow him; rhea gave Cronus a rock covered in a blanket to pose as if it were Zeus so he would not know Zeus escaped. He was fed and taking care of by Nympths. When he was ready with help from Metis Zeus gave Cronus a potion to force him to disgorge his brothers and siblings. When they were strong enough Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, along with the rest of the siblings took on their father in war; Zeus and his siblings had prevailed.

Zeus' Children

Zeus had many children including Athena, Hermes, the Nine Muses, and many more. Athena was Zeus' favorite child because her mother was Zeus' first wife, Hera; when Hera was pregnant with Athena Zeus swallowed her. then Athena was born by emerging from his head. Zeus had children that were gods and mortal; he disguised himself as a human on earth. When one of the mortals Zeus had made a child with was killed but Zeus saved the Baby before the mother died, Zeus cared for this child himself until he was fully developed. Zeus is father of all gods and goddesses.

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