The Whispering Streets

The Murder In Greenwich Village Apartments By Andrew Russo

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Greenwich Village, New York 1954

Late last night in the Greenwich Village Apartments the police had shown up after getting a call because of a woman ( Lisa Carol Fremont) was being assaulted by a man ( Lars Thorwald). The Lars had claimed that Lisa had broken into his apartment attempting to steal jewelry. The police had then escorted her to the police car and take her to jail. However, they were then later brought back due to another call by a close friend of a local detective Lt. Thomas J. Doyle. A man , who had made the call, named L.B. Jeff Jefferies screamed and was found dangling from the window frame of his apartment being attacked by Lars. For the past few days photographer L.B. Jeff Jefferies was running a investigation on Lars. Jeff was suspicious of Lars murdering his wife, Mrs. Emma Thorwald, after hearing a woman scream which was later followed by a number of occurrences and "coincidences" of Lars's actions. Lars was making late night trips and digging around the same area of his garden. Mrs. Thorwald leaving without anyone noticing and leaving what it seems to be most if not all of her stuff. It was all strange, but it wasn't enough for the police to be able to get involved. In response to this lack of evidence Jeff sprung to action and managed to get the departed's marriage ring, which a married woman wouldn't leave behind, giving something the police could work on. This leads the police back to the apartments just in time to save Jeff from being murdered himself by Lars. With Lars attempting to murder Jeff definitely shows his guiltiness. In the end thanks to Jeff Jefferies a murderer was taken into custody.
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Feminism Today In The 1950's

Today in movies there are strong female leads that show that they aren't the stereotypical woman who needs or even wants to be with a man. Women have an opportunity to fight for their rights. Women are being respected more and treated as more of equals to men.

Feminism in the 50's was existent, but was definitely not taken seriously or making any major effects to the American society and community. feminism was going through an awakening during this decade, it was in the the new earlier stages. Women were extremely lucky and privileged to be able to still work after the war ended.

What happened back in the 50's deeply resulted to the amount of power that women have now today. What a woman was depicted as in the media was how a woman was expected to be like in society, but now that's not the case. The right to work the same job and/or career as a man is possible today due to the work and effort put by women back in the 1950's.

Tenants And Feminist Criticism