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there is such a variety of things to do as a archetict. So many different house designs crazy, cool, boring, and fun. So many different building designs too. Can you imagine designning a modern day skyscrapper thats a part of a famous skyline? there are so many different things to do and u can use your imagination to create different plans for houses. some are also challenging and hard to build but a fun puzzel to figure out.there are just so many different tasks to do it never gets old like it will never feel like your doing the same thing because you dont.

Architect makes 73,340 year

rough road

when architects start they make 15,080 a year as they pogress the middle stage they make 45,230 then they averagely make 73,340 a year. but the job growth is 21% or more and then the more you grow in your job the more you make. espically based on the type of work you do if your designing skyscrappers you make way more than an architect that is designing small homes. its a goo long rode thats worth it.