Juvenile Delinquents

Annika Gyori-Reporter 1960 October 17

Death in Windrixville

In the night, a 18 year old guy ''Bob'' was found dead. Police says "Johnny'' and his friend ''Ponyboy'' were in the night when a crew jumped them. Johnny seemed to have no choice but to stab Bob while suspect Pony boys head was held under water by other friends of Bob. Bobs girlfriend ''Cherry Valence'' was interviewed she said

"I know that Bob had been drunk with his gang and had been looking for a fight after they took me home" Rand Anderson Bobs friend that helped jump them said

"Johnny killed him because he was defending him and Poneyboy."

Police are still charging Johnny with manslaughter and maybe go to Juvenile court with Poneyboy after he recovers.

The funeral will be held at Apple ridge cemetery from 3:00-3:30 October 20

Family and friends only.

Manslaughter becomes Hero!

Later that week in Windrixville a church suddenly caught on fire. Inside the church were a group of kids having a picnic, two boys Johnny and Poneyboy came to rescue them. One of the mothers said

''If it wasn't for the those boys my child would of been burned to death''

Poneyboy had small burns but Johnny was severely burned after he got stuck in the church. We asked Poneyboy what exactly happened,

" We were coming back from dairy Queen when we saw smoke and heard screaming, we immediately went to see what was going on''

After the fire Johnny was sent to the hospital, witnesses say he looked horrible and are not shure if he will survive.

The Curtis Family

Six months ago the Curtis parents died in a car accident. Sodapop one of the brothers had to drop out of school so the brothers could stay together. While Darry had to get two jobs to afford food and a house. Poneyboy had gotten on the honor roll that year and might of been a future track star.