Mrs. Zavernik's Class News

May 17th 2013

Ask your child if he/she met MAP Target Growth in Reading today!

Important Reminders

  • MAP TESTING (MATH) Tuesday!
  • UNIT 8 Math Test Coming up!
  • Robotics Day Thursday May 23rd
  • Ethnic Food Day May 30th

Here's What's Been Happening In Our Classroom


Daily 5/Cafe: This week we worked on our summarizing skills and engaged in an activity called "Novel in an hour" with the book Stone Fox. This was an interesting activity as I asked the students to creatively present their chapter to the class. This proved to be difficult for many students as they're used to being told exactly what is expected of them, and many struggled to let their creative side take them away!

Writing: Check out our weebly site for your students biography! They all turned out awesome! Next week we're finishing up our 4th grade memories piece and are wrapping things up!

Social Studies: We're researching our immigrant groups and are working on our smore!

Here's a helpful immigrant site that Ms. Shipley created!

Words Their Way: Sort Test was today! Next week we're working on our Greek and Latin packet unit 5!

Math: We are continuing to talk about geometry and are working on shapes/lines/polygons and the different characteristics that are unique to each. Please encourage your student to review his/her notes each night, especially because it's easy to forget if we don't study!

Mrs. Zavernik

4th Grade Teacher

Forest Glen Elementary

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