Biology Course Update

September 12, 2014 (Issue 3)


An important audio message from your instructor.

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Check Your Grades: Grades Have Been Updated!

At each Assignment Due date, grades are updated by the teacher. Zeros are entered for any missing assignments from the student's schedule. Students and parents should view grades and notify the teacher of any issues. Students are encouraged to turn in missing work for partial credit according to GaVS late policy (click image to see closely.)

You will receive a course update email from me every two weeks, immediately after an Assignment Due Date.

Please read through the newsletter for helpful information.

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Students, Parents: Join Me on Twitter!

Students and parents, I will be using twitter this semester as additional source of reminders and even some bonus points, too.

If you are a twitter user: Follow me @MsMaddology; Our class hashtag is #maddbio
If you are *not* a twitter user:
  • follow the twitter feed in the course Bulletin Board
  • have the feed sent via text using FastFollow (see below)
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Student Shoutouts!

Take a look at some of the outstanding work you are all doing for this course! I love seeing this enthusiasm and effort for Biology!
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What are We Learning?

Next Unit: Cells and Cell Transport!

In the upcoming unit, students will examine Cells, the basic unit of life. We'll be looking at how each of these tiny organelles cooperate with each other to maintain homeostasis and keep us alive! We'll complete a resume for Cletus T. Cell and hopefully get him a job, as well as understand the reasons why we need to drink freshwater rather than saltwater. We'll also answer eachother's riddles about organelle functions.

Students, impress your parents by letting them know what cell organelle is pictured. What role does it play in metabolism?

Need more help with Cells/Cell Transport?
Cells Resources/Study Help
Cell Transport Resources/Study Help
Visit the course User Links Widget for resources for each Unit.
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How to Read Feedback:

Watch the video below to learn where to find teacher feedback. You'll also learn how to view your missed quiz questions and their correct answers to prepare for tests!

If you cannot view video: Click here to be directed to the original.
Viewing Assignment Feedback
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Important News and Tips:

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Peer Tutoring: Get Expert Help!

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