Hunting Dolphins

By: Madden Healy

The Hunt

The Japanese dolphin hunt is one of the biggest hunts for whales and dolphins. Dolphins and whales are herded into a cove where they are either slaughter or selected alive for sale to the public. After the boats dolphins to the shore line curtains are pulled so the public does not see them being slaughtered. Some of the public that live in Japan don't even know that this is going on. This happens every year September through April some years it will go on longer.

Consequences of the issue

Some consequences from hunting and eating dolphins are actually very fatal to humans

  • Dolphins have mercury in their meat- eating a lot of mercury could be very fatal
  • If people do not become aware of the issue and how severe it is, dolphins will become extinct
  • Due to the fact that Japanese drive hunts kill about 20,000 dolphins a year alone, the number of dolphins still around is going down drastically
  • If they keep hunting dolphins, soon enough the ones that are still around will not be able to reproduce as fast as the hunters are taking away the others, and it will hurt the population
  • Dolphin meat is sold throughout stores in Japan, in which they do not include the ingredients inside, which contains Mercury, PCB's and much more, which cold definitely kill you

How can a student at BHS help?

  • Sign the petition online that's for humans to stop hunting dolphins
  • Make yourself aware of what is going on around you and keep up to date on the news about hunting dolphins and spread the word
  • Donate money to different organizations that are trying to end dolphin hunting
  • Send thank you cards to rangers who protect endangered species