Jeffries Weekly Update

Monday, March 21-25, 2016

Feedback Opportunity

Thank you to those who have taken the time to complete a Friday Feedback- some have done it multiple times- love it! Feel free to complete one once a week, once a month- or as you feel the desire. I appreciate you taking the time to share celebrations, area of consideration and anything else you would like to share! It's called Friday Feedback on the Jeffries CANVAS page/Feed Forward. Go directly to CANVAS or click on the hyperlink above.

This Week's Events:

Monday, March 21- Watch DOG: Gerry Koeneman;

Appy Hour 4:30-6:00:PM at Glendale H.S.; iReady Testing this week (3-5th grade)

Tuesday, March 22- Liz will be in around 10AM (has to see a throat specialist);

MAP Training (for 3-5th grade teachers, SPED, MAP Proctors) 4-5PM

Wednesday, March 23– Spring Pictures (in the gym): 8:00AM- Jeffries Staff Pictures (in gym); 9:00AM- Class Pictures, Spring Individual Pictures and 5th Grade Graduation Pictures- we will try to start with 1st grade followed by lunch order (3rd, K, 2, 4, 5); Missie Burk does group pictures in the PM for yearbook; Liz out in the AM for Personal Day (1/2)- Phil Mendenhall is Teacher in Charge for emergencies only;

Zoo to You- 1st Grade (9:30-10:10; 10:15-10:55- in 1st grade classrooms)

Thursday, March 24- Fred out all day (Phil Mendenhall & Rachelle Certain are Teachers in Charge for emergencies only); Liz at Wilson's Creek for interviews (until 1PM) & with Brady Quirk from 1:30-3:00PM (Staff Evaluations Mtg.); CANVAS Support with Debbie Hammer (sign up for individualized or small group support in the Conference Room!) Click Here to Sign Up;

Watch DOG: Gerry Koeneman; Classroom Explore visits (Caitlyn Mercado)

Friday, March 25- Jeffries Staff Egg Hunt- meet in front foyer at 8:05AM & 8:10AM start! Candy & Bonus prizes! (in the main hallways- not in the gym; APR; classrooms); Liz attends PBL meeting at Tefft AM (8:30-10:30AM)?; Watch DOG: Cicero VanZandt; 3rd Quarter PTA Luncheon in the Conference Room

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Upcoming Events

Monday, March 28- Jeffries Math Night 4:30-6:00PM

Tuesday, March 29– Liz out in the AM (1/2 day) for Leadership Development at the Bentley Building; 4th Grade Field Trip to the Springfield Symphony;

Jeffries Texas Roadhouse Night 4-8PM (students dance at 7PM)

Wednesday, March 30– Leadership Team Mtg. 7:45AM; K & 1st Grade Assembly from 9:15-10AM– Springfield Regional Opera “Opera in the Schools;” Intruder Drill

Thursday, March 31- Liz out from 11:30AM-on for Delta 9 Mtg. (KAC) and SPS Leadership Development at the Bentley Building

Friday, April 1– Leadership Assembly 9:30AM (Tracy Livingston & Cynthia lead);

Liz out all day for Leadership Academy regional meeting

Saturday, April 2- Happy birthday, Kathy Agee

Tuesday, April 5- Safety Committee; Jaguar Junction

Wednesday, April 6- Liz at PTA General Mtg. (Sherwood) & KAC for Teacher Evaluation Training (AM- 1/2 day); Jeffries Building Assessment- Liz attends (for SPS Master Plan)- 2PM at Jeffries

Thursday, April 7- Throw Back Thursday; Liz out in the PM (1/2 personal illness day); PTA Executive Mtg. 6:30PM

Sunday, April 10- Happy birthday, Liz Cooper

April 11- April 17 MAP Testing

Monday, April 11- Liz at Alternative Elementary Program Planning mtg. at the Bentley building 2-4PM (Trisha Baugh is Teacher in Charge for emergencies only)

Tuesday, April 12– Professional Learning/Faculty Mtg. 4-5PM; PTA General Mtg. with Kindergarten Performance at 7PM

Wednesday, April 13– Liz out (1/2 day- AM) for Principal Mtgs.;

Parents as Teachers K-Prep 12:30 & Future Jaguars 1:30-2:15PM

Thursday, April 14- Mid-4th Quarter; K Field Trip to the Zoo

Friday, April 15- Professional Learning Day; Leadership Day at Osage Beach Elementary for those who signed up.

Monday, April 18- SPS Teacher Appreciation Banquet 5:30PM-? (ticketed event)

Tuesday, April 19- 5th grade students go to the Cardinals Game 9-1:30PM (tentatively)

Friday, April 22- Last Day for library checkout (books can be kept until May 2); Springfield Orchestra Percussion Ensemble Assembly 9:30AM (for interested grade levels, K-5)- in the gym; Student Council sponsors: Light it Up Run 8PM

Monday, April 25- Liz out all day for Professional Learning Advisory Committee;

Carver 6th Grade Orientation (at Carver) 6:30PM

Tuesday, April 26- Liz out 1/2 day (PM only) for Family Illness (Bella has ortho surgery)

Wednesday, April 27- 4th grade students go to the Cardinals Game 9-1:30PM; Administrative Professional Day (Secretary's Day)

Thursday, April 28- Jeffries Fine Arts Night (5:30-6:30PM); Earthquake drill

Friday, April 29- 3D Club Celebration (12-2PM) 3D end of year auction/celebration for 4th and 5th grade library workers

Saturday, April 30- Color Run "Jaguars"

Monday, May 2- 3rd grade students go to the Cardinals game 9-1:30PM

Monday, May 2-May 6- Teacher Appreciation Week; Buy One Get One Free Book Fair

Tuesday, May 10- 4th Grade Field Trip to the Frontier Theatre (approx. 9-2:30PM); Ronald McDonald "On the Inside" assembly for K-2 (1:00PM); Faculty Mtg./Professional Learning from 4-5PM

Wednesday, May 11- All City Orchestra Concert at Glendale H.S. 7PM;

School Nurse Appreciation Day

Thursday, May 12- Character Ed./Goal Setting Assembly with Real Encounter

Friday, May 13- Field Day

Saturday, May 14- Ridgecrest presents: Jeffries Family Day (with Real Encounter)

Tuesday, May 17- End of the Year Celebration Assembly (K-5)- 9:30AM & Perfect Attendance Lunch/Limo to Incredible Pizza (tentative) with Dr. Cooper

Wednesday, May 18- Talent Show? TBD

Thursday, May 19- Last day of School

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Jeffries MAP Testing & iReady Testing Schedule


Note: Those who typically have computer classes during scheduled MAP times will have computer class in their classrooms (no changes in specialty times).

Make Someone's Day!

Have you completed a SPS Recognition Form lately to recognize a SPS R-12 employee for a job well done? Please do that here!

Google for Education Training

Want to begin training modules so you can work at your own speed on learning all about Google? I have invited you to a CANVAS training for Google. I would highly encourage you to begin going through the online courses.

Need $$ to provide resources, etc. for your classroom?

Just a reminder that the Pick-a-Project application is still open until April. Teachers are still able to take advantage of this funding opportunity through the Foundation. More information and how to apply is found here on our webpage

Major Saver Spring Fundraiser!

Information to Share (click here)

Campaign Collection: March 22-28, 2016

Law Day

2nd-12th Grade Teachers,

We are pleased to announce the theme for 2016 SMBA Law Day: Miranda- More Than Words. We are excited by the opportunities that the theme presents for students to learn about what is perhaps the nation’s best-known U.S. Supreme Court case, Miranda v. Arizona, in this 50th anniversary year of that decision.

We have created a Law Day Contest page on Canvas. Student and teacher prizes are available for each contest.

Please let us know if you need additional information, and thank you for providing this educational opportunity to your students.

Partner in education,

Matt Rosebrough

Matt Rosebrough

IGNiTE Appy Hour!

4th Quarter IGNiTE Appy Hour is here!

4:30-6:00 Monday, March 21

Glendale High School Commons

RSVP Due Friday, March 18 @ 4:00!

What can I expect at the Appy Hour?

Expect a casual learning environment led by your peers. Pick up a new tech trick, share ideas with colleagues, and choose topics that interest you. Oh, and there will be flair and yummy snacks, too.

What should I bring?

Please bring your new HP Hybrid staff device if one has been issued to you.

What will I be learning?

You will choose two from the following learning opportunities:

Library to the Rescue!

(Kelly Myrick & Elizabeth Ragain)

Need an idea for a PBL Unit? Resources for projects? An open makerspace environment? Space to spread out in flexible furniture? Your librarian can help! In this session, discover how the 21st century librarian can be used as a team teacher, someone to plan lessons with and a guide to assist your students.

Tech Tools Refresh

(Lara Garrett & Nicole Kimbrough) Are your tech tools feeling a little stale? Ready for some new tools you can integrate into your classroom tomorrow? In this fast-paced session, explore 5 new tools in 30 minutes including Quizziz and Pear Deck.

Tech Talk for PBL Roundtable

(Austin Rutledge, Natalie Schifsky, Angela Mansel) So, you've started implementing PBL into your classroom and are ready to talk tech. In this session, share tech tools you use for PBL management, authentic audience presentation tools and inquiry. Swap ideas, tips and tricks with others and leave with fresh ideas for 4th quarter. Questions welcome too!

Chrome Extensions Speed Dating

(Cheryl Baxter) We get it. The Google Chrome Store can be a little overwhelming. With new extensions and apps added all the time, it's tough to know which ones to date and which ones to commit to. In this session, speed date your way through a variety of extensions that aid in student productivity and creativity. Who knows, you may just find one to love.

English Language Learner Roundtable

(Jan McCllelan) The modern learning tools provided through IGNiTE changes learning for all students. In this session, ELL teachers are encouraged to bring their favorite apps and tricks and collaborate with others from around the district.

Boosting Math Collaboration Through Canvas

(Chelsea Meyer, Catherine Castillo) Closed-door classrooms are a thing of the past. Thanks to blended instruction and technology integration, you can share classroom resources and support students in a variety of ways. In this session, discover how to use Canvas to work as a team and blend math instruction effectively for students.

Don't Just Watch Videos, Interact With Them

(Jourdain Johns) You've embedded videos in Canvas for your students to watch. Awesome! But how do you know if they actually understood the content? In this session, learn how to use Zaption, a tool that allows students to interact with content and demonstrate knowledge.

Yes, primary students CAN use Canvas and Chromebooks!

(Kim Morgan, Tina Kellerstrass) We get it! Getting K-2 students on Chromebooks and Canvas can be a challenge. In this session pick up tricks and tips and see sample assignments for how primary students can engage in Canvas and leave with strategies for implementing Chromebooks in your K-2 classroom.

Co-Teaching Without Killing Each Other

(Alyssa Butrick, Jill Norman) While it may seem like more work to combine teaching styles, classrooms and schedules, co-teaching can lead to a more collaboration and increased personalization for students. Learn from two teachers who took the co-teaching plunge this year and discovered new ways to meet the needs of their students.

Expanding Your Personal Learning Network

(Shellie Foltz) Whether you have a Twitter account that you kind of use or are frequently tweeting but know there must be more to the story, this session is for you! Learn how to expand your PLN, access resources from experts around the globe, participate in chats and do it all without being overwhelmed. (Note: A 101 sessions for beginners and an Advanced session for more experienced users will be offered.)

RSVP and select your sessions here!

RSVP Here!

EXPLORE 2016- Jeffries Liaison: Caitlyn Mercado

1. Enrollment Flyers: Send home EXPLORE flyers Friday! Collect & put in Caitlyn's mailbox.

2. Classroom EXPLORE Message (Thursday, March 24)- mandatory by EXPLORE office: To encourage enrollment for EXPLORE!, I am to come around to each classroom and talk with the kids about what it’s about and what their session options are. I am creating presentations for the various grade levels and only be in there 15 minutes. I have created a sign-up sheet, if you will click the link below and sign up for a 15 minute slot please. I have to visit every single class. However, there are 23 teachers, and I can only get 21 slots in a day. If you and another teacher want to team-up, I am okay with talking to 2 classes at once. Just put both names on the sign-up sheet.

Math Night- Coordinators: Rachel Hulett & Tabitha Eutsler

Good afternoon!

As you know Math Night is right around the corner…actually it is now being called STEAM Night (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Night. Tabitha and I are in the midst of planning it and we are going with a Minute to Win It theme! We will give you more details very soon…but we are in need of a few things:

  1. Please start collecting cereal boxes and send them our way. We need 30 total and are hoping between the staff we can come up with them. Ideally we would like these by Wednesday of next week.

  2. Does anyone have Tangrams that we could borrow? (Will be returned)

  3. We need pipe cleaners…anyone have any? (Won’t be returned)

  4. We need popsicle sticks…anyone have any? (Won’t be returned)

Follow this link to sign up to help with one of the activities. Also, on that document please indicate if you are okay with using your room as a station site. When you sign up for an activity we will give you the specifics.

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Sign Up to Attend a Night of Appreciation- Jeffries Tables

Click Here- We have 3 tables sponsored!