The Evil that Men Do

By Arnold P. Rubin

Book Summary

"The Evil that Men Do" is an interesting book on the lives of Hitler, his Nazi followers and the Jews. This book is jam-packed full of info. on the subject of WWII and the holocaust. This book will teach you hundreds of facts (and opinions) on the subject. Get ready to learn!

The first part of the book is mainly about Hitler's early life and how he came to power, then the book moves on to his later life and real-life stories of the Nazis and the Jews. These retellings of the epic but dark history of the Jews will keep you fascinated cover to cover, i guarantee it! Just kidding, I don't, but it is a good book.

Who would like the book?

This book is a great source of information, a great nonfiction book, but if you already have a ton of background info like me than this book may not be for you.

What I've learned...

Just a few facts that I happened to pick up when reading the book...

Hitler spent time in jail

Hitler's methods for coming to power were illegitimate and cruel most of the time

Many Jews could have gotten by as Half-Jews but many decided to stay with their families and take the heat.

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