Welcome to the Team!

Let's rock this!

I am so thrilled to have you on the team! This guide will provide you with some helpful information to get started! I am here to help and answer any questions you may have so feel free to contact me anytime.

Get to know your dashboard

Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the dashboard. These are the areas to pay special attention to as you'll use them most frequently:

1. Your monthly PRV (Personal Retail Volume) is found on the right side of the dashboard.
2. Daily news is shared on the front page of the dash. There's always good stuff here so try to check it daily or at least a few times a week.
3. To find your weekly commissions and monthly bonus amounts, choose Earnings under Quick Links on the left hand side of the dash.

4. Official marketing images can be accessed through Resources ---> Image Library or directly on Jamberry's Flickr page at www.flickr.com/photos/jamberry

5. You Rank Gap tells you what you need to promote. This is found on the drop down menu under Volume and Earnings.

6. Personal orders can be placed under the Shop tab.

7. Customer orders can be viewed under the Orders tab. If you click on the order ID number it will show you specifically what was included in the order.

8. To contact Jamberry support, scroll to the bottom of the left toolbar where you'll find their phone number or the option to open a support ticket.

9. Under Resources and Training ---> Marketing and/or Documents you will find catalogs, flyers, forms and other marketing materials you can download, including the Compensation Plan & Return Form.

10. The monthly training call schedule and other past training events can be found under Resources and Training ----> Training. Jamberry offers an abundance of training events...it's impossible to attend them all. Just do what you can!

Fast Start

The “Fast Start Program,” gives you the motivation to jump start your business in those first 3 months after you join with opportunities to earn rewards, cash bonuses and promotions. There's no penalty for not making your fast starts but just extra perks if you do! You can monitor your progress on your dashboard under Volume and Earnings.
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JamberryPay is how we receive our commissions. You can now sign up for JamberryPay in the “My Account” section of your Workstation. 30% commissions are paid every Friday and bonuses are paid on the 10th of each month. Make this one of the first things you do...payday will be here before you know it!

Jamberry University

Jamberry has a TON of training for new consultants, and although it's very helpful don't feel like you have to take it all at once. You can access the training via the Jamberry U tab under Quick Links on the left side of the dashboard.
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Our Team Page

I will add you to our team facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/turquoiseandcaicos/

The group is very active so you may want to turn off notifications so you're not constantly being interrupted by every post! I typically check in once or twice a day to see if there's anything important being discussed. Our team manager Kelly Whelan often offers various incentives so you'll definitely want to stay up to date on that!

Our team also has a Dropbox folder with resources you can access here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l8hhgz6nz42t84k/AACy277ZubV159DHRcPSDHfia?dl=0

Google Drive

I have a collection of images and games on Google Drive I will share with you. If you prefer to build your own collection, almost everything you'll find here came from the Jamberry Flickr account or one of the fabulous facebook groups below.

Facebook Groups

The following facebook groups are a great resource for finding games and party ideas:

Jamberry Party Game & Image Share: www.facebook.com/groups/521855197944572/
Jammin' Resource Vault: https://www.facebook.com/groups/638829372898351/

Launch Party

I highly encourage you to do a launch party to introduce your friends and family to Jamberry. When the party is over, you can convert the party group into a VIP group that you can add future customers to and share information about new products and specials.

On my Google Drive there is a great resource found in the New Consultant Documents folder called the 10 Day Party Guide. It's a step by step guide to your launch party and will give you lots of great posting ideas that you can also continue to use in future parties.

Our team has a mock launch party group that you can join for additional ideas: https://www.facebook.com/groups/840122479411663/

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Tiny Torch

Tiny Torch is an post scheduling program that lets you preschedule your party posts. It has been an invaluable resource to me and has made running parties totally manageable even with a full time "real" job and 2 little girls. I'm able to run 2 parties a week using Tiny Torch and some consultants do even more! Go to tinytorch.com and set up an account using the same email address associated with your facebook account. This is important so it will be able to recognize your facebook groups.

To add a facebook page or group, go to where your user name shows on the top right and choose "Social Accounts" from the drop down menu. You can have up to 5 groups or pages at a time. I always have my business page and VIP group included and use the other 3 for current parties.

Follow me on Tiny Torch by by searching for "lindanichols." I have all the posts I include in a 7 day party as well as extra posts that can be added to an extended party. Feel free to use anything you'd like! Jamberry also loads images to Tiny Torch for us to use so you can follow them as well.

With a free Tiny Torch account you can only include 1 photo on your posts but I work around this by putting several different images into a collage using picmonkey.com. If you really want the ability to upload more than one photo, you can upgrade to a Pro Account for $10/month.

After you create a collection of posts you want to use in your parties, you can load them into a template that can be used again and again and scheduled to a party with the click of a button! Just choose "Templates" on the left toolbar and then "Create." You can order your posts by day and time. I do 7 day parties with 3-4 posts per day and preschedule everything except for the games at night. This is a HUGE time saver!

After you have the template set up the way you like, choose "Schedule Template" at the bottom and choose the group you want to post it to. Just select the date to start and you're done! Easy peasy!

If you want to add something extra in after the template is already scheduled, just pull up the individual post, select "Share," choose the group you want to post it to, and select if choose if you want to share now or schedule for later. I use the share now option often for games...I have the first image and directions for various games saved in a collection and will just share that at game time to save myself from having to type out the details. Then I go directly to the group and post the other game related images in the comments.

Professional Website

On your dashboard, choose My Account, then Professional Website. Add a picture and a bio, and you can also include your 3 favorite wraps!

Facebook Business Page

Why have a VIP Group and business page? The business page is a good way to reach a "cold market" since it can be seen by anyone while your VIP page is for your personal customers and is a more private forum where you can share specials that you wouldn't typically offer to the general public.

To create your page, go to the Home page on Facebook and choose "Create Page" on the bottom of the left toolbar. In order for it to be compliant with our policies and procedures, the title of the page should be your name followed by "Jamberry Independent Consultant." You should also use an official Jamberry facebook banner than you can access on Jamberry's Flickr page at www.flickr.com/photos/jamberry

Marketing Materials Credit

You earn $25 in marketing materials credit when monthly sales reach $600. It accumulates up from there to a max of $50 per month as shown below. The credit is awarded on the 10th of the following month.

To shop for marketing items go the Shop icon on your dashboard and select marketing products from the drop down menu. You can search for a particular product or just choose "browse all" to see everything available. Anything that can be purchased with your credit have the words "Marketing Credit" in italics below the item. You will still pay tax & shipping for these items. One exception is catalogs which ship for free....but only if there are no other marketing materials included in the order. So always place your catalog orders separately!

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Business Cards

Business cards are a must but you may want to wait to order them after you earn marketing credit. In the meantime, there is a business card template on Google Drive that you can print out on 2.5" x 3" cards available at any office supply store. You will just need to change my info to yours. They will get you through until you have enough marketing credit to order the official ones, which are available in the Jamberry Print Shop. On the dashboard, just go to Shop, Create Cart and choose Jamberry Print Shop to see business card options.

Personal Discount

Jamberry consultants get 30% off products but one of the best kept secrets is that most of us never use it! Why you ask? When you purchase products at a discount, it doesn't count towards your PRV. More PRV means higher bonuses and more marketing materials credit. You still make the 30% back in commission (plus often even more with bonuses) so in the end ordering at full price usually ends up costing you less than it would have if you'd used the discount. Take a look at the below video from one of our leaders for more detail.
Why NOT to use your Personal Discount

Party Tips

  • You can set up a party in your own name each month for your repeat customers to purchase from and you get to keep the hostess rewards!
  • Hostess coaching is KEY. If your hostess isn't involved, the guests won't be either. I send my hostesses a flyer with tips on how to have a successful party. You can view my flyer here and feel free to use anything from it to make your own: https://www.smore.com/r4wbu-thank-you-for-hosting
  • Hostess rewards must be redeemed on one order placed within 5 days of the end of a party.
  • The maximum time a party can be open is 28 days.
  • Hostesses can get a 25% discount off the start-up kit by hosting a party with at least $250 in sales or 50% off for hosting a party with $350 in sales. Always ask your hostesses if they are interested in joining! I've created another flyer about the Jamberry opportunity here: https://www.smore.com/y8w1h-join-my-team
  • Your past hostesses will get a half off code when their friends book a party with at least $150 in sales. When setting up the new party, just select the referring party from the drop down menu.
  • The best way to sell wraps is by showing them on hands. If there is not an official Jamberry marketing image for a particular wrap, just go to Instagram and search for the name of the wrap followed by "JN". You will find hundreds of pictures to share with your customers!
  • Proper application is essential to a good customer experience. Share the application video during the party and send it directly to people who request samples and/or order. Use the link found on the bottom your website under "How to Apply Nails" as this will also get them to your website to look around.
  • Prizes can encourage participation. The accent sheets you get with your consultant kit make great prizes and you can also offer half sheets or pedi packs, which count towards your PRV when purchased. There are many different ways to offer prizes. Some consultants offer entries for purchases and participation during the party and do a random drawing at the end using wheeldecide.com. Others keep track of points...there's a handy excel sheet for this on my Google Drive if you decide to do it this way. Others do a combination of both, with a prize awarded to the lady with the most points and another prize awarded by a random drawing so that people who are not in the lead with points are still encouraged to participate. How you want to do it is totally up to you!
  • Follow-up is important! I normally follow up a day or 2 before the end of the party with any guests who have participated in the party but have not ordered to ask if I can help them make some selections. I make sure to personally thank each person who purchases, and also check in with them 2 weeks after the party ends to confirm that they've received their order, ask if they have any questions about application and see if they're interested in earning some free products by hosting a party. For future follow-up I add them to my mailing list as discussed below.


Use Taxbot to track all your income and expenses. Sign into your dashboard and select "Tools" on the right right toolbar. From there you can follow the link to set up an account. There is also a handy app you can download to your phone that lets you take pictures of receipts to upload to your account.

Mailing Lists

As you build your business, it becomes more difficult to keep in touch with all your customers. But you don't want them to forget about you when they're ready to reorder! A mailing list is the perfect solution! Fyzzbee.com is an email mrketing service that has a newsletter designed specifically for Jamberry consultants. They offer a free trial and plans start at only $4.99 a month. I've signed up for the premium service at $14.99/month which sends 2 newsletters per month to up to 1,000 of my clients. The newsletters contain all the latest products and specials, it's personalized with my name and links, and they even do ocassional giveaways! If you want to see what the newsletters look like just let me know and I'll add you to my mailing list. If you decide to sign up with Fyzzbee, please use my referral link below:


Contact me Anytime!

I am always happy to help, share ideas and support you in any way!