Slavery in the 1800's

Joe Wolter

Scrapbook Page 254-255

Union speech

Factories started with the invention of the water powered loom. To be cost effective everything needed to in one building thus starting the factory system. At the beginning mostly young girls were hired in the textile business. Technological development allowed for better textile machines, a new steel plow and a mechanical reaper. Children were taken for granted and many were working in the same conditions as adults. The National trades union was founded to protect the rights of working men and women.


Native born americans protested the arrival of immigrants. They viewed immigrants corrupt and socially inferior to themselves. They blamed immigrants for low wages and bad working conditions. They also rioted against the catholic church in protest the roman catholics.


Many immigrants came over from Europe. They were facing hard times, war, and corrupt governments. They were seeking new opportunity in the US. Many immigrants moves to the midwest and found good farmland. Most were able to successfully raise cattle and run a functioning farm.