Language Arts Newsletter

January Edition

Welcome to 2016!

Happy New Year, Everyone! No, your eyes did not deceive you; There was no December newsletter. (This year's resolution: Keep up with monthly newsletters, even when there's cookies to bake and presents to wrap!). As we launch into the new year, there are some helpful (I hope!) changes coming your way. Read on to learn more.


Mrs. Groman

Famous Authors of January

Missing/Late Work

How to Turn In

There is a new "assignment" posted to Edmodo, effective January 5th: MIssing Work. This is where students should turn in any missing work from the current quarter. Any missing work, from bellwork to homework to essays, must be turned in in Edmodo, under the assignment called, "Missing Work". I made this change to make turning in missing work more efficient for students and teacher alike. I will be accepting late work up until Friday, January 8th . Students are welcome to turn in paper versions to the "Late Work" folder located in the classroom, if they prefer this method or if it's a paper assignment. ALL missing work is due Friday, January 8th. I will be closing the gradebook early next week, so it is crucial that work is turned in Friday. If it is not turned in by Friday, I cannot guarantee that it will be counted for progress reports. Thank you for your help in teaching our students accountability and timeliness.

End of Quarter Exam

Yes, there is one for ELA!

Students will have a modified scheduled beginning this Friday (January 8th) and lasting through the following Tuesday. Please read below to find out when your child takes their Language Arts Exam. The exam will cover information detailed on a Study Guide given in class on Wednesday (January 6th) and reviewed in class on Thursday. It will be mostly a reading comprehension exam, so there is not much traditional "studying" that can be done. I suggest having students review the novel "Tangerine" and look over their study guide at home for 10-15 minutes a night to study.

Schedule for Exam

Period 1, 2, 4: Friday, the 15th

Period 2 & 5: Monday, the 18th

Period 7: Tuesday, the 19th

Keep an eye on Edmodo and your email in case of changes to the exam schedule, although I do not anticipate changes.

Upcoming Areas of Study

Argumentative Writing

We have officially launched our new writing study, argumentative writing. In this style of writing, students learn to make effective, respectful arguments in response to contemporary issues. All the issues we cover will be middle school appropriate and all the materials are written at grade-level, although many of the texts are challenging. Examples of topics to be explored are consumerism as it relates to teens and healthy eating choices. Beginning in mid-January, following exams, students will have weekly homework called "Article of the Week" in order to practice their argumentative writing skills. This is both a reading and writing assignment. Students should continue to read a book of their choice at home for 20 min. a night. We will still occasionally (once every few weeks) have a Reading Response due. It will be posted to Edmodo.
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Thank you for all you do to help your child to be successful! As always, feel free to reach out with questions.

-Mrs. Groman