Will Communism keep spreading?

Ex: Korean War, Vietnam war, and reasons for USA involvement

communism in china?

Have you heard of communism? well that's what I will be explaining today. will it keep spreading? will it ever stop we never know.

Cultural revolution

Word revolution means change. Cultural revolution was to renew the sprit of theChinese communist revolution. Mao did not want to focus on the traditions from the past or the citizens to influenced by foreign ideas, mostly democracies from the west. Religions were banned and the ones that expressed through arts were outlawed those who mocked the government were punished or killed!

Tiananmen square

in the link below u will find a man standing in front of a Communist Chinese army Tank he stands in front of it saying no leave ! he stays there and the tanks try to scare him but that doesn't scare him!! & then civilians go for that man and move him out of the way. But notice that the video is far away it was taken from a hotel Chinese hate reporters so that person that took the video had to bend down because if they saw him they would of killed him.
1989 Raw Video: Man vs. Chinese tank Tiananmen square

Did containment of communism work?

In my opinion it did not work because there still communism and Mao Zedong did everything just to make communism exist he fled to north & west of china and he gained support from peasants they helped him & it had its effects on the way too like The Great Leap Forward there was millions of people that died of starvation & drought because there was no farmers to grow & work on crops so they starved. & going to North Korea the US was scared that as shown in the reading of the article " the Vietnam war" and known as the domino theory were if one country comes communist then others will become too.

Containment of Communism

important people, country's involved in Korean war, involvement in the role of the United States, and if the containment of communism worked.

Korean war

War was between North Korea & South Korea they, were divided at the 38th parallel. There was something called domino theory were one becomes communist then other countries will become communist to. The us feared that if all of Korea became a communist nation, then other nations in Asia would become communist as well.

countries involved in Korean war, important people, role of US

countries that were involved in the Korean war were China, United States, North Korea, South Korea.

there were Kim Il-sung, general MacArthur, President Harry S Truman.

Role of the us was to prevent the spread of communism.