Eagle Empire Update

Special Edition Quarter 3 Updates

Dear Eagles,

Can you believe that we are already at Quarter 3?! Here are some things to think about as you prepare for Quarter 3:

  1. Slow and Steady - Remember school is a 5 day a week commitment. Stay on top of your assignments. Once you get behind it's hard to catch up!
  2. Spend time getting organized- Clean up your google folders and drive. Start using a planner to make sure you are maximizing your time.
  3. Reach out- If you have a questions, wonderings or concerns contact your teacher. Teachers love to hear from their students! The best time to contact your teachers is during their work hours- 7:30am-3:00pm. Give them at least a day to respond to you.
  4. Stay Healthy- Remember to self screen prior to coming to school. If you are not feeling well you can always access your learning virtually. Wear a mask, practice social distancing and wash hands.
  5. Find a 2021 passion project- Take this time to find a new hobby or learn a new skill. Read a new book. Learn to cook or bake. Try to play an instrument. Write a short story. Step a way from a screen and enjoy learning something new.
  6. Connect with people who support you- We all have our friends on social media, but friendships are more then likes and swipes. Think about the people in your life who listen, support and have fun with you. Find ways to really invest in these relationships. Mix it up and find peers, family members or trusted adults who can be there to support you.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone for our second half of the year. I hope you all are refreshed and ready to get back into the mindset of learning.

With Eagle Pride,

Mr. Fowler

Teacher Cards

Teacher's will be sending out course information by Monday January 11th at 2:30pm. Check your student emails, or Infinite Campus Messages, to receive this information. Additionally, we post teacher contact information on our website. Look for the Teacher Class Info on our home page.

Attendance Matters

Attendance will be taken daily by the teacher. The teacher will notify students of what is needed in order to be marked present. Some examples of attendance requirements could include:

  • participation in a zoom meeting
  • completing an online assignment
  • submitting a task that is assigned during an in person/zoom meeting during the assigned bell schedule period

Students may also go into Infinite Campus to mark themselves present. Please click here to see a brief 30 second video on how to access this feature.

Please consider teachers may override a students participation marking. This would be done if the student did not complete the appropriate task to earn participation credit.

Mandatory Zoom Sessions

Zooms have become an essential element of our digital learning experience. As with any type of instructional activity, teachers may incorporate Zoom in varying degrees of frequency and requirements. Teachers may make Zoom attendance mandatory at any point during the week for all students.

  • Mandatory Zoom times and requirements will vary depending on the teacher. The teacher will be communicating mandatory requirements to their students via their syllabus or other course materials
  • Students may be required to turn on their webcam for a brief visual attendance check.
  • Assignments for points may be awarded for active participation in mandatory zooms. Just like our traditional model, if a student is absent they will need to contact their teacher for make up assignments.

Weekly Hours of Instruction

Learning is a 5 day a week experience. Students should be engaged in virtual and/or in-person learning everyday. Below is a weekly reminder of how many hours should be spent on school work each week. Use these hours as a gage to determine your daily and weekly routines.

  • 9th/10th classes- 7 hours a week per class x 3 classes = approximately 21 hours per week
  • 11th/12th classes and Mixed grade level classes - 10 hours a week per class x 3 classes = approximately 30 hours per week.

Schedule Changes

We know schedule changes can be challenging for our students and teachers. We are doing our best to minimize schedule changes during Semester 2. Students needing graduation requirements or credit remediation will have priority in schedule changes. Level changes (moving from Honors to College Prep), requests for a different teacher or changing your class period will not be accommodated. If you have questions about your schedule please contact your counselor by clicking the button below.
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Welcome to the Nest!

Welcome to your new position

Tips for Organization

During Advisory students will have an option to start organizing themselves for learning. Creating a daily schedule and keeping a weekly planner will help our students provide structure to their routines. Here are some tips to help our families organize their weeks.

  • Mark assignment due dates on the day they are due.
  • Check and update your weekly planner multiple times throughout the week.
  • Include your work, extracurricular and other outside of school obligations onto your school calendar. This will help you manage all of your commitments in one centralized tool.
  • It's okay to use a paper planner! Not everything needs to be digital. Find a tool that's easy for you to access and update frequently.
  • Start your day making a list of tasks that need to be completed. Start with the most important tasks. End your day by reviewing your list and marking tasks that are complete or in progress, and adding new items for the next day.
  • Email teachers in the morning. Please allow teachers 24 hours to respond to your request. You may also email teachers requesting a zoom appointment or phone call. Sometimes a conversations with your teachers allow for questions to be addressed and clarified in a more timely manner.
  • Have a designated learning space at home. This space should have limited distractions and stocked with supplies (pens, pencils, paper, sticky notes, outlet for computer).

How to Organize your Google Drive

Ernie the Eagle created this quick 2 minute organizational Screencast to help all of us get our Google folders ready for Quarter 3. Let's get organized like Ernie!

Creating your Parent Portal Account

It's never too late to set up your Parent Portal account. Our Parent Portal houses grade books, attendance and can be a messaging system with teachers. Please click on the images below to be directed to the district website. You'll find all the information needed to start setting up, or reactivating, your parent portal account.

Need help?! Request a Peer Tutor

Quarter 3 Holidays

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Monday January 18th - Campus closed in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Monday February 8th - Campus closed in observance of Presidents Day

Monday February 15th- Campus closed in observance of Presidents Day

Friday February 12th- End of Quarter 3

Monday March 15th - Thursday March 25th -Campus closed for Spring Break

Friday March 26th- Cohort D on Campus

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