sisters 101

If you have a sister..

If you have a sister you know they can be pesky. This part is about how they are pesky and rude and if you think its only the older sisters thats not right at all! I know that for a fact im the middle child.You know they wont share if you have a older sister and she's a teenager you know she has make up and she won't share. I've tried but if you close the door and put it on and then take it off right off and put every thing right back she mite not notice.But if she remembers that you were in there for a long time she will definitely find out!you don't have to be careful for the little sisters because they don't notice that easily. You can just do what ever you want with her stuff when she's not around!

Acting and being mean

If your sister acts innocent this is the part for you.If she acts innocent she will say i didn't do anything what are you talking about. Thats when you say I can tell you everything she's lying. Don't say that, just say that she is lying calmly if you think thats easy its mot people get frustrated easily. Now when they are mean. If they blame you that can get frustrating and when I mean frustrating I mean frustrating (I'll stop now). You can say the thing when they act innocent but I prefer saying I didn't do it or I didn't say it. Now the worst thing when they take stuff! They might take your phone or your make - up. You can say I want it back now or give it back now. Don't do that either just say calmly can I have it back.

older or dramatic sisters

If you have a older sister(s) you know they can get mad easily especially if you share a room.She will get mad if you don't clean your side or you don't answer her right away. Im going to help you. When you don't answer her right away she might get seriously mad and yell at you. So if you don't want that to happen listen to me. You can say wait, she might get even more mad.So maybe you should just answer her,you could say wait to but i'd rather just answer her right away. Now when you don't clean your side. She might get mad because of this, because she might of cleaned her side and she wants the room to be clean. Then you say no then she gets mad AND then you get in trouble. That's not good :(. But it could go where she ask you to clean your side and then she doesn't get mad easy right!
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survey: do you have a sister or a brother?

both: 11

sis: 3

bro: 6

This is just a class so there isn't that much people.

By Gracie Plimpton

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I have two sisters one named Annabelle (older) the other Josie (younger). As you can tell I'm a sister expert (no not really i just have two sisters). Well my best friend is Violet Miller she is crazy awesome and even more awesome! I'm ten and i love playing with my boots,don't judge! I am in a group at my school called the north hand chimes (music if you don't know).