Vote Sam Houston as President!

"Building up the glory of Texas one step at a time"

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Let's see what they have to say for themselves...


Houston- This dispute will settle peacefully only if we join Texas with the United States

Lamar- In order for our empire to succeed, we must further expand Texas as its own country.

Armed Forces

Houston- We should withhold a small army to lower our expenses, and bring Texas out of debt.

Lamar- To make Texas more safer, I will build a new army out of scratch. This new army will hereby be declared as the Republics New Navy.

Native Americans

Houston- I will make a treaty with the Native Americans, and set up trading posts along the frontier. This will help hem overcome their problems.

Lamar- Those dreadful Native Americans are blocking the westward expansion. Therefore, I must take immediate action, and remove the Native Americans from the frontier.

So, What are you waiting for?

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Vote for Sam Houston... A Texas Hero