Private Space Exploration

vs. NASA

What is Private Spaceflight?

Is the flight into the Lower Earth Orbit or farther funded by an entity other than a government agency. IT has become more a more relevant since the 21st century. Some rockets and spacecrafts have helped deliver cargo to the International Space Station and some have successfully made it into orbit.

What is Government-Funded Spaceflight?

They are government agencies that are funded by the nations government. In the U.S.A. it's NASA. They have astronauts, operating satellites, capable rockets, and have been to the moon multiple times.

The Competition

A new "space race" has started. This race ,however, is between Private companies such as SpaceX and government funded NASA. SpaceX have kept it no secret that they are trying to send an astronaut to Mars. NASA is attempting to do the same thing also.
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