Changing Tires

By: Maddie Trout and Shannon Dundon

Our car is Aston Martin V8 Roadster 2008

Factory tire: 235/40ZR19
Width: 235mm = 9.25in
Aspect Ratio: 80%
Height: 7.4in
Diameter: 33.8in
Circumference: 106.19in

Alternative: 235/45ZR18

Width: 235mm = 9.25in
Aspect Ratio: 89%
Height: 8.3in
Diameter: 34.6in
Circumference: 108.7in


If your obometer reading is 50,000 miles, you have travaled ________miles on the new tires

The alternate tires have traveled 51,181.8 miles because they are larger and their rotations carries them farther.

If your speedometer is reading 70, your speed is ____miles per hour with the new tires

Your are going 71.7 miles per hour.

If your mile per gallon with factory 14.7, what is your miles per gallon with the new tires?

15 miles per gallon