Sorority Recruitment

Florida Southern College

Why should I go through Sorority Recruitment?

Recruitment is the perfect time to meet new friends that will last your college career and beyond. It's an even better way to get involved in campus life, facilitate new relationships, and be a part of something bigger than yourself. It will help you develop leadership, networking, and communication skills. We could tell you more- but come and discover it for yourself.

What is Sorority Recruitment?

Sorority Recruitment is a mutual selection process based on the experiences of you and the sorority members throughout the week of recruitment. You will get a chance to meet women from every sorority during the week, and you may receive an invitation to join one the sororities at the finish.

What are the time commitments to be in a sorority?

You will likely need to attend weekly chapter meetings and possibly an event a week. However, all sororities are completely understanding of academic and athletic commitments as well as work. It is understood that you are a student or an athlete first, and a sorority woman second.

If I join a sorority, will I be hazed?

Absolutely not. Florida Southern College and the National Panhellenic Council have a Zero Tolerance hazing policy.

Who Should I contact for more Information?

Email Samantha Martin at or contact the Center for Student Involvement.
Twitter: @fscpanhellenic & @FSCGreeks
Facebook: FSC Sorority Recruitment
Instagram: fscpanhellenic
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