Team Simplify

This Boot Camp class is almost over...

The final countdown

Our last days of this session to de-clutter our homes is quickly approaching. As we purge the bulk of the excess in the next two days, we will be starting into the next series.


After all the hard work that you have done for the past 30 days, you will be amazed at how easy it will on your mind as well as your body to whisk around your home without all that clutter!

But before jumping ahead a few days, let's stay focused :)


Small victories

The last two areas to conquer on your battlefield will be the :


Begin by glancing around the walls and take notice of the lawn and garden tools. Are there more than truly necessary to get the job done? Using a rack system or peg board with hooks especially designed to hold the handles of the tools are a excellent ways to organize your shed for easy access when you are ready for them during that weekly chore of lawn maintenance.

Do you have any updated items that you bought yet failed to toss the broken one last fall? Such as when you went to gas powered weed trimmers versus an electric version? Now is the time to be up close and personal with all that excess while the season is changing and enjoy the LESS IS MORE theory. Feel the sigh of relief when you open the shed doors and see only the needs instead of all the "stuff"

Tools- check to see if you have 12 screw drivers because you kept buying a new one since the one you knew you had you couldn't find. Group all tools that are similar and stow them together for easy access. If you realize you have even one that is broken, rusted or no longer used, then take them from your tool box. There are many adjustable tools on the market these days- instead of having a set of wrenches, try having just one and it will change sizes based on the task. Very cool idea!

Check on your shelves and exam the oil, paints, windshield washer fluid, gas cans, extension cords, grass seed, fertilizer, summer cushions and winter decorations, etc. If those products are all used each season- EXCELLENT, if not.. donate or toss them properly to free up some valuable space in your storage area.

Any boxes that are marked for yard sales or consignment DROP them OFF! When the seasons change, that is when you want to rid yourself of those "good intentions" . Save yourself the trouble of stowing them from the house to the garage and simply drive them away the same day as you label the box.

Procrastination is not gaining you the A+ you want on this Boot Camp Class.

Keep what is used on a yearly basis and consider passing along the excess to a family member, friend, or neighbor. Donating is always a great way to clear out for you and make a smile with your gift to another.


Do you have library books, store returns and your famous lost travel mug stuffed under the seat? How about the mail, 3 tubes of lotion, lip balm and one glove?? Time to get it all out! Place the items back in the house, in the garage or in the trash once and for all.

Who wants to feel stress once they open their eyes to seeing the piled up clothes in the bedroom, to the cluttered kitchen countertop? Rushing the morning before work or school from battlefield to war zones in every place you walk in your home to then load yourself in the vehicle all the find that you are stepping on carry out food bags from the rush of a drive thru dinner last night and the foam coffee cup that you gulped down hot coffee on your way in town? Don't start your day off that way and spare your family of these anxieties as well. Getting in your car should be a relaxing and calming time before you have to punch the work clock.

Class may be over, but school is not out!

I have given you some intense areas to do in one day over this course and some are simply overwhelmed with the thought of it all but believe me, when you are faced with having SO MUCH, there is only one way to accomplish the goal and that is by making little victories each and every day. This series is to jump start your adrenaline and put the clutter right in your face, deal with it and conquer. You will come out of this a WINNER.. You know why? Because when you were able to box up the very first item- it was a sign of strength. Letting go of our "stuff" is a difficult task for many. All for various reasons. That is ok. But when you signed up for the Boot Camp Class or even simply reading the newsletter at all- you felt a tug on your heart and a desire for that heavy weight that can be lifted from your shoulders. THAT is a wonderful feeling!!

I have been here along with everyone on TEAM SIMPLIFY for your personal questions and concerns and would enjoy helping you to stay on the steps to success and continue your effort. Boot Camp is the tip of the iceberg. Being clutter free is your choice. Being organized is your option and being clean should be your priority. Being at peace with joys and happiness that dance in your step and live in your necessary.

Thank you for enrolling in our Team Simplify- Boot Camp De-Clutter Series, where I hope that you have made a difference that others can see all your hard work in motion. Remember it didn't take only 30 days to obtain all that "stuff" and it will take much longer than that to clear it all away...But, you have realized the problem areas, taken away lots of excess and made your world a better place already. Continue the good work!

Being Simply YOU is enough

YOU have CONTROL of YOUR life... Take the OPPORTUNITY to be the BEST COMMANDER possible. Saying YES to humility and asking for help is the first step. We are not meant to be alone in this world and there is always one that will forever be only a heartfelt thought away. Give all your worries over to the Lord. Let the "stuff" that you hang on to be enjoyed, seen and loved. For when they are packed and stowed for 30 years... Who exactly receives their true gift of existence? No one. Sharing is caring and caring is love and love is our greatest gifts. Spread love and find the peace.

Heartfelt appreciation to all who followed along and SHARED my message.

So many wonderful people who are following along with this class has told me of their success stories. The happiness that they feel now room by room. I am truly inspired by all of you. YOU... are my winds that carry me to soaring possibilities. YOU are the reason I do what I do. YOU are special.


Take care, take forward steps and take the next class! Sign up for SPRING CLEANING !!!

Melany Meadows- LaRochelle