High School Mathematics Teacher

Angie Tayourane Period 9

About Myself

Being a teacher has always been something I have wanted to do my whole life and math is the subject that I succeed the most in and I enjoy the subject because it comes easy to me. Working directly with other students and guiding them is something I enjoy doing.

Details behind a High School Math Teacher

The duties of a teacher are

  • Plan lessons in Mathematics
  • Assess students to evaluate their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses to help individual student succeed in the class.
  • Grade students’ assignments to monitor progress
  • Communicate with parents about students’ progress
  • Prepare students for standardized tests required by the state
The type of education needed for a high school teacher is a Bachelor's Degree.

Potential wage of a high school teacher is 53,230 per year.

Job Outlook/ Growth ; The growth is 7% (lower than average) predicted for 2010-2020

Skills necessary for Teaching Math to High School students:

  1. Calculating (numbers, algebraic expressions and operations etc.)
  2. Applying Information (Graph, charts, data from word problems)
  3. Communication (effective communication for a comfortable teacher-student relation)
  4. Finding Answers (In math, their is always a way to find an exact answer)
  5. Manipulating Numbers (Working out numerical problems)
  6. Public Speaking (Speaking in front of a classroom)
  7. Sorting Data (Statistics, Charts, Data from Graphs etc.)
  8. Prioritize Tasks efficiently (Schedule lessons and plan work for students)
  9. Interpreting Information (Expand on the process of problems, step-by-step so that the students can understand)
  10. Knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus statistics and their application

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