5 Non-Traditional Career Myths

By: Conner Gasperson

Myth 1

Women in clerical jobs make more than trade workers. This myth is false because there is money to be made in both fields of work. However, people who are happier while doing their job will have a higher chance of making more money. In this case it is women.

Myth 2

Men are not nurturing enough to work with children. This myth is false because there are several male teachers in the United States and around the country who are teachers. They will deal with children all week. Also, many are fathers who take care of their child.

Myth 3

Women are not strong enough for trade or construction. This statement is false because many women are physically able to complete the task but are overlooked by their gender. However, many of these job do not acquire much physical strength but more mental strength.

Myth 4

Men and women who work in nontraditional careers are not masculine. This myth is false because they should be able to work in an area that succeeds their interests and skills.

Myth 5

Females do not have a strong enough aptitude for math and science. This myth is false because women might actually succeed in math and science but they work they want to purse in do not relate with it as much as other careers might.