El Greco

By Colin Hendrickson


  • Born in Crete, Greece on 1541
  • Spent most of his life in Toledo, Spain. He also spent some of his time in Crete, Venice and Rome throughout his life.
  • His skills with language suggests early education. He spent 3-4 years in venice learning from Titan.
  • During his life he was brought up in a wealthy family and learned from great artists throughout the Renaissance.
  • His type of art was paintings
  • Art work done- Burial of the Count of Organz, Assumption of the Virgin, and El Espolio
  • His patrons were Cardinal Allessandro Farnese, King Phillip, and many churches

Saint Bernard of Siena

  • Created between 1585 and 1610
  • Located right now in the Casa y Museo del Greco, which is in Toledo, Spain
  • He used renaissance techniques with the rebirth without the church and individuals are important
  • I find this piece interesting because it has many subtle ways showing the rebirth without the church. I also fine the frame interesting because it's a cathedral. The Saint is holding a staff with the writing IHS and a cross in it with rays of sun coming off it. I think that all those things are interesting and thats why I choose this piece
  • This describes secularism because it includes a cathedral, a saint, priest's hats, and a bible all showing that they are breaking away from religion.

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