Spring 2016 | FloorSpaceStudio | 1510 Zamia Avenue

Gun Hei Fat Choi!

This Lunar New Year of the Yang Fire Monkey is a year of bold movement and creative action. The cleverness, curiosity, wisdom and abundant energy of the monkey inspires us to act on our intuition, take intelligent risks, and meet challenges as opportunities to find new solutions for change. There is caution to be observed in not moving too fast, remembering the space between to seek the truth.

What is Qigong?

Chinese/Taoist exercise for health and longevity. It is moving meditation and breathing exercises designed to move the Qi, or energy of the body. All levels welcome~

Spring Class Series on Tuesdays


Noon-1pm-Jade Woman-For circulation, hormone balance and liver health. Good for spring qi awakening.

5:30-7pm-Jade Body-Increases flexibility of the spine. Embodies movements of the turtle, crane and dragon.


Noon-1 pm-Six Sounds Therapy Qigong and Liver Cleanse-Spring qi renewal forms.

5:30-7pm-Eight Treasures-Strengthen the bones, increase tendon flexibility, and balance the 7 emotions.


Noon-1 pm-Eight Treasures-One of the oldest Taoist forms from the 12th century, balancing for the entire body.

5:30-7pm-Hui Gong Qigong-Supports brain function, including memory and concentration.

Drop In Classes

Fridays-9am-10:15am-weekly forms vary seasonally.

Saturdays-10-11:00am-Walking Qigong. Call for monthly schedule and locations: 303-545-2021 / 303-588-1099.

Cost: Series are $50, Drop in classes are $15/class or $135/10 class card.

Senior and Student discounts available.

Instructor-Nancy Rao

Nancy A. Rao, ND, LAc is a Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist and Certified Taoist Medical Qigong Instructor. She loves to teach and share qigong with others.