Chiles Hires New Media Specialist

I've Been Waiting to Say Good-bye

From: Cana Nudi, Media Specialist

I have not officially said good-bye or sent out thanks to all the wonderful staff at Chiles High! I've been putting it off as long as I could but since Chiles High School has hired a new media specialist, I feel like this is the time to say "so long".

I have had an extraordinary experience the past 13 years working with the best colleagues in the state of Florida. We have certainly toiled through unprecedented events in our country and our state; 9-11, major hurricanes, bank failures and the housing bubble. The impact to our local "education economy" may not have been as devastating as it was around the United States but we still suffered great reductions of staff, pay and curriculum funding. My hope is that you will all see the pendulum start to swing in the other direction very, very soon.

Chiles Staff is the BEST!

Thank You

You have always been so overwhelmingly supportive of the CHS media program. Thank you! I will never forget the staff (Kay, Buck, Lisa and Susan), countless volunteers and outstanding student assistants and how they all made the IRC a great place to work! As teachers, you integrated and embraced technology and brought your classes regularly for research, media production and book circulation. Kudos to the front office staff for patience and support managing our countless purchase orders from various budgets to keep the IRC well supplied and current. When you work as a team you can achieve what is best for students, teachers and the curriculum. It was an exciting and enjoyable 13 years!

My favorite picture of the dynamic duo!

Moving On

Charlie Mesing, my husband, is retiring early this fall and we plan to visit family a great deal in the coming months. Travel and "lots of golf" are definitely on our radar and we still have ECA (Environmental Consulting Associates-Pond and Lake Management). We have had the ECA business for over 30 years and up to now I've just been a paper editor and a deliverer of messages. I plan to tidy up the computer files along with mounds of paperwork and update the webpage. I believe that I will ask for "back pay" and a monthly stipend!! (Below is a picture of us at our favorite restaurant, Hanks, in Henderson, Nevada taken in March. We plan to eat there as often as possible!) Please see my contact info above. I'd love to hear from you! "So long" everyone!

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Drum Roll Please......

The new Chiles media specialist is Melissa Ingram! Melissa is a former Chiles IRC intern and has spent the last 5 years working at Woodville Elementary. She has been a high school media specialist "in waiting" and I couldn't be happier that she will be back home in the IRC! I know you will welcome her with open arms. Although she has a master's from FSU, she graduated from LSU and is a die-hard Tiger fan!! (You may remember that she was the intern we had Deputy Meeks handcuff to a library chair on her last day because no one wanted her to leave!) A big feather in Melissa's cap is that she has received the Laura Bush grant for school libraries two years in a row! An amazing achievement and Woodville is very happy for her but sorry to see her leave. Melissa is also on the board of the Leon District Media Association and will now be the senior media specialist among the new high school media specialists. Chiles will be in good hands.

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