Penzu Pro Classroom

Classroom Journaling for the 21st Century

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Communicate! Collaborate! Create!

With Penzu Pro's paid classroom features, teachers and students can do all three. Teachers can create and grade assignments, read and comment on shared student-created personal entries, and even maintain personal journals of their own. Entries by both student and teacher can remain private, be shared with selected others, or be made public. It's a great way for teachers to encourage writing and provides an opportunity for teachers to actually respond to what the student is thinking and feeling.

Create and inspire the bloggers of tomorrow!

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Respond and assess!

As you can see, Penzu Pro Classroom lets you comment directly on student writing, as well as assign a grade. Students can share with each other and comment on the thoughts and ideas of their classmates.

Both teacher and peer response has never been easier.

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Watch it in action...

Enjoy the following video and see for yourself the power of Penzu in the high school classroom
The Power of Penzu


"I've just started using Penzu Classroom in my 10th grade ELAR classroom of struggling writers, and the transformation in their ability to write longer and more complex narrative passages has been both immediate and remarkable. I love the ability to look at and respond to what they're writing without having to look over their shoulders or collect and return old-fashioned composition notebooks. As long as I have my computer and access to the internet, I am connected with my students." - Paul Prince, Houston.

Not a teacher?

No worries. Your Penzu Basic FREE journal is private and confidential! Start expressing your thoughts and feelings right away. You can upgrade at any time without losing anything you've created.
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It takes just a few moments to create your own free personal journal. You can upgrade any time you want to the paid features, including Penzu Pro Classroom.