Save a Life

By Cameron Antoniotti

Picture your self in an environment were bombs fly over head each day. Bodies litter the street. Every day terrorist groups like ISIS or the Taliban come and take the little food you have ,and the government comes and takes the money that you have. That is the life of a civilian in the Middle East and Africa.
The number one reason refugees are ignored and usually not allowed to come here is because many people have xenophobia and the fear that they are terrorists. Many people such as Donald Trump publicize the idea that Muslims and just refugees in general are terrorists. But they are not actually most of the refugees that come here are Christians. They all should have the right to come here because are ancestors were refugees. This country was built by immigrants for immigrants.

Many Christian and Scientology groups and organizations help out in war ridden countries but they funding and support to keep functioning. The more support we can get the more that will be saved. Many people have helped out in many ways just by donating canned goods and clothes. Some of the littlest things can make a huge difference. So if you see a donation box put in a couple of dollars that can help quite a bit.

Refugees home and other valuable items usually have destroyed or stolen from terrorists groups. So many have been forced to live in small shacks or tents and usually with several other families. Many civilians are kidnapped or killed every day. Since they are living in small shacks or tents with many other people and the shacks are scrunched up together diseases spread like wildfire in the camps. Also they don't have proper care so men, women, and even children get infected and most of the time they die.
The people on the opposing side think that refugees are a danger and should not be able to come here. But again this usually is because of xenophobia. The media seems to spread this idea that refugees are terrorists. Donald Trump and Marco Rubio publicize the idea of banning Muslims and refugees. But what a lot of people are forgetting is that Donald Trump's wife is a immigrant from Yugoslavia. Also whether a person should be allowed to come to a country or not should not be based on their religion. The pilgrims were Puritans running from Great Britain because Great Britain would not allow them to be Puritans. All of the Irish coming here in the 1850s were refugees because of the potato famine. So technically we are all refugees and we all have a right to be here.
The more help the more that can be saved. The day that a human would not save another human is a day I don't want be around for. You can change the world you can save a life.


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