By: Lauren Cunningham


Christianity is one of the most popular religions in the world. This religion is monotheistic. This means that it is a religion that worships only one God. Christianity started in the mid first century. Christians believe that there is God (the father), the son, and the Holy Spirit. The son refers to Jesus Christ, who God sent down to earth to pay the price for humanities sins. Jesus lived a perfect live and died the ultimate death so we didn't have to. Because Jesus dies for our sins, we are now forever forgiven.


Getting baptized is extremely important in Christianity. This represents washing away all your sins and going public with your relationship with God. When you get baptized, the pastor ducks you under the water and brings you back up. Before he does this, the pastor says, " in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." After you come up, some pastors say that your name has been written in Gods book.

Getting saved

Getting saved is the step you take to dedicate your life to Christ. When you do this, you acknowledge Jesus and your savior, admit to your sins, and repent from them. In Christianity, it's important to do this because this is when you start creating that personal relationship with Jesus.

Bible In a Minute


Judaism is the religion of the Jews. In this religion, Jews focus of the direct relationship between them and G-d (I typed it with a dash because the Jews believe that His name is to powerful to spell out). Unlike Christians, Jews believe that the messiah has not come yet. Whereas Christians believe that Jesus was the messiah. The Torah is the Jewish reference book. It is basically the first five Books of Moses. It is was Jews use to guide them.


Jewish pastor


One of the many holiday the Jews celebrate is Passover. This holiday is a celebration do the Jews escaping Egyptian slavery.


Shabbat starts Friday evening and ends Saturday night. This is to remember that G-d created the earth. On this holiday, Jews light candles to symbolically drive away darkness and welcome the light of the messiah.

Yom Kipper

Yom Kipper is a holiday of prayer and fasting. On this day, Jews pray and ask G-d to forgive them of all sin.

Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year.


Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days. This holiday is a celebration of how the Jews wandered the deserts for eight days and escaped slavery. The lighting of the candles represents how the oil lasting for eight days was a miracle. On each day, Jews do many Jewish customs such as dreidel and make latkes.

Sesame Street: Hanukkah With Veronica Monica


Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world. It is practiced primarily in India and Nepal. Hinduism is one of the most diverse and complex religions, having millions of Gods. So, this means that it is polytheistic. It is not said to have a certain founder. In 2300-1500 BC, a developed civilization with its own religion is said to be the beginning of Hindu.


In Hindu, it is believed that Gods can take many shapes but form from one universal spirit called Brahma.


A caste is a social class based off of dietary beliefs, values, rules, etc. There are five castes.


This caste includes the priests and other educational professionals.


This caste includes the former farmers.


Shudras are the second to lowest caste. This includes the laborers, artisans, and other servants.


Dalits are the lowest class. You are in this caste if you don't fall into another category.


In Hindu, they believe that you reincarnate. This means that your soul rebirths after death. You can reincarnate into an animal or vegetable.


There are three main forms of worship. The first is karma marga. This is performing your social obligations. Jhana marga is meditation and yoga to gain insight. The third is Bhakti marga which is your devotion to your chosen God. Some people worship at home with a shrine. The shrine represents their dedication to The God of their choice. Marta is a popular type of worship using sounds and chants.

Diwali - Festival of Lights


Buddhism started about 2500 years ago when Siddartha Gotama (Budha) was "awakened". Buddhism is said to be a philosophy and not a religion because it does not worship a God. Buddhists believe that an enlightened person sees reality for what it really is and lives fully. The teachings of Buddhism teaches a person to take full responsibility of their lives.


Buddhists practice meditation to develop awareness, kindness, and wisdom. They recite Nembutsu which is a chant to help them become enlightened. You are considered enlightened when you no longer think of little things as the most important thing, and you start to value the simple things. When they meditate, Buddhists have an altar usually contains Buddha, flowers, and candles.

Vesak Day in Mongolia


Islam is the belief in Allah. In many ways Islam is similar to Christianity. This is a monotheistic religion, which believes in the one God, Allah. Muhammad is said to be the last prophet that preached and taught about Allah. This is how Islam got its start.

Five pillars

The five pillars of Islam are testimony, prayer, alms-giving, fasting, and pilgrimage.


Testimony is basically confessing that Allah is the one and only God. To do this you repeat the Shahadah prayer.


Prayer is called Salah. Salah is practiced five times a day and recited in Arabic. You can do this at home or in the mosque.


This is almost the same thing as offering in Christianity. You give a potion of your money to Allah and people in need.


This is something you have to do once in your lifetime. You half to walk around the important monuments in Islam culture. This showing respect.


Mecca is the main location do prayer that Islamics go to once a year